Hydrotherapy Treatment for Back Pain

If you are at all familiar with hydrotherapy you are aware that this form of treatment for back pain and other types of ailments involves the use of water for pain relief and illness treatment. Hydrotherapy by definition means water cure and encompasses a wide range of approaches. To practice hydrotherapy could mean that you are utilizing a sauna, hot and cold compresses, soaking in a spa or tub, mineral bath, applying ice to an affected area or any other treatment through use of water. Hydrotherapy uses different properties of water including temperature and pressure for therapeutic treatments as a way to stimulate blood circulation and treat symptoms of certain diseases.

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Using warm water as a means of hydrotherapy is generally used to treat sore muscles, stiff joints and in some cases it also has been known to treat stress. Warm water (along with warm compresses) has been known to relax muscles thus relieving any tension that may be in affected muscle areas. Warmth increases blood flow to affected areas which can deliver needed oxygen and nutrients and remove cell wastes while aiding in relief. Warm water (compresses) has been known to increase range of motion in the back, decrease back muscle spasms, relax back muscles and relieve pain. If your back injury is in preliminary phases you may want to start with cooler water before progressing to the use of heat.

Starting with a cool compress slows circulation of blood to the affected area which in turn reduces inflammation, pain and potential muscle spasms. Cold hydrotherapy should be applied immediately after noticing back pain with the cold compresses being left on affected area for 15-20 minutes before switching to warm hydrotherapy. With both warm and cold compresses, be sure not to apply compress directly to the skin so that the skin may be protected from burns and nerve damage. Always place a protective cover (i.e. towel) between yourself and the temperament compress.

If you are considering using a bath, whirlpool or swimming pool for your hydrotherapy you will notice that this form of treatment allows for your body to simulate the affect that it has been relieved from gravity. There is a sense of weightlessness that has been known to alleviate the tension and pressure that may be felt in the back. The motion of the whirlpool helps to boost blood circulation thus relieves tight muscles.

Try to exercise while in water. Water exercise is a great form of hydrotherapy as the resistance caused by water forces your body to work harder to achieve movement which in turn is great for building strength and muscle development. The great thing about water exercise is that it doesn’t stress the joint. Instead, it loosens potentially tight muscles.

Hydrotherapy has not only been known for the treatment of back pain, it has also been known to treat weakened back muscles, spinal disease, multiple sclerosis, asthma and other lung conditions. If you are interested in more information regarding hydrotherapy treatments for back pain please do not hesitate to visit losethebackpain.com today.

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