How to Alleviate Neck Pain

As you know, millions of people all over the world suffer from back pain. However, did you know that neck pain is vastly becoming one of the most common conditions that you will likely face at one point or another in your life?  One of most popular reasons why neck pain is becoming more and more common these days is due to changes in the work force. With technological advances and the shift from manufacturing jobs to service jobs with many of the workforce working in offices and spending hours a day on a computer. This sedentary work lifestyle, repetitive movements, sitting in office chairs all day and staring at computer screens has forced our bodies into positions that over time can create muscle imbalances.

Neck Pain and Muscle Imbalances

If you have browsed our website, you probably have read about muscle imbalances and are somewhat familiar with them. If you have not, muscle imbalances basically form over time, and are due to repetitive movements we perform every day.

Take for instance sitting at a desk staring at a computer all day. More often than not our office chairs we sit in do not offer the support and stability our spines need to keep us sitting with good posture. Next, it is easy for our heads to tilt forward, causing the neck to stretch and strain. What happens is over time our bodies compensate and some muscles in the back and neck can become weak and stretched out while others become tight.

How to Alleviate Neck Pain Naturally

You may or may not have heard of the below mentioned neck pain treatments, but many of our tens of thousands of customers have found lasting relief from one or many of the following treatments.


Rub-on-Relief is an all natural, fast acting homeopathic anti-inflammatory pain relief cream. Rub it on the affected neck area and feel the pain disappear.

Muscle Balance Therapy

Muscle Balance Therapy addresses muscle imbalances in the body. Muscle imbalances can create postural dysfunctions in the body which can add wear and tear and stress in the body. Once a postural dysfunction is identified, the next step is to correct the dysfunction with specific, targeted stretches and exercises.

Trigger Point Therapy

Everyone with neck pain has trigger points. They are the tender, hardened masses in the neck, shoulder and back that can cause a lot of pain. Trigger Point Therapy targets these tender points by placing enough pressure in order for them to relax and release.


Massage Therapy is an excellent treatment that can break up tension in the neck and shoulders, releasing toxins and relaxing muscles.

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