Horrible Back Pain

Back pain can strike at any time. Sometimes, the root cause is easy to identify. Lifting heavy boxes all day can be a back killer. Other times, though, the cause for your back pain is not so obvious. Knowing why you are in pain can help you get on the right track to proper pain management. It will also help you determine preventative measures for the future.

It is normal for back pain to occur, and then remedy itself after a few days. But if your pain seems horrible and continues to linger around, or if you begin to feel a tingling and numbing sensation, it is time to head to your doctor. Your back is a very intricate design and should be treated as such. There is no need to risk permanent injury if a trip to the doctor could nip the problem in the bud at the beginning.

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There are some other reasons to book a doctor’s appointment as well. If you are in agony for more than a short period of time and over the counter medicines do not seem to be helping, you need to visit a doctor. You also need to see a medical professional if you have suffered an injury or had a bad fall. Also, go directly to see a doctor if your horrible back pain is accompanied by any of these other symptoms: weakness or numbness in your legs, spontaneous weight loss, or problems urinating. Your doctor will determine if you need an immediate medical intervention.

If you need to see a doctor, make an appointment with your normal family physician. He or she will establish whether or not your back problems warrant a visit to a specialist. If it does, your primary doctor will point you in the right direction so that you see the correct type of specialist.

While at the doctor’s office, he or she will run a series of test to determine what is causing your back pain. Before getting started, it is normal for you and your doctor to go over your medical history to establish any patterns or preexisting conditions. A physical exam typically follows this stage.

If further testing is needed to diagnose your or to validate suspected causes, you will more than likely undergo imaging. These tests span the gamut from X rays to MRIs. Your doctor may also opt to run a test on your nerves in order to make a more specific diagnosis.

If no problems can be readily identified, your doctor may want to run some additional tests. Both urine and blood tests can be of further assistance. These tests will show if you are suffering from other medical issues that have manifested into back problems.

Once your doctor has determined the underlying cause of your pain, he or she will set up a pain management strategy. Traditionally, rest and pain medications are involved. If your condition is more complicated, you may need to visit a physical therapist to learn stretching and other pain management techniques.

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