Health and Wellness SUCCESS in 2013

Accomplishments and a BIG Thank You…

Celebrating Our Success... Thank You!

Our mission is to give you the most beneficial, proven insights and solutions you won’t find elsewhere to end pain and optimize your health…

…Insights that will make a direct and dramatic impact on your personal well being.

And safe, natural solutions for getting pain relief, improving your health and flat out enjoying life again that you can find nowhere else.

Well I’m pleased to report that not only have we delivered on this promise over the past nine months… but the BEST IS YET TO COME!

And truly, we have YOU to thank for it. Your questions, comments and support have challenged us to dig deep and find natural solutions to old problems while bringing a message of hope to a world sick of failed “modern” medicine…

So join me as we count down five of this year’s remarkable highlights … from number five to number one, followed by one of our biggest announcements in years!

#5 – Leading Edge Natural Health and Pain Relief Information

Every month we bring cutting edge new research and natural health solutions to our readers. Subscribers to our premium print publications, Live Pain Free® and Get Healthy & Fit® usually hear about them first. But we also share some of them free right here on our natural health blog.

Some of your favorites that we shared recently in our print newsletters — and reprinted here in the blog so you can get a great “taste” of our print newsletters 🙂 — include:

Magnets for Pain: Block Pain at the Source

Guided Imagery: The Health Secret of “Mental Mind Control”

Fight Headaches with Facial Stretching

#4 – Back Pain Beat… By Leaning Forward

Back pain is obviously our specialty here at the Healthy Back Institute®, so we test a LOT of natural pain relief therapies, supplements, treatments and devices every month. Precious few meet our standards of effectiveness and reliability. And only rarely do we introduce a new with our full seal of approval.

This spring we found one of the most powerful back pain solutions we have ever reviewed… and brought it to your attention: the Back Ease – Spinal Decompression System. It was one of the simplest to use devices we’ve ever tested for gently decompressing your spine for fast back pain relief. Literally, if you can lean forward you can get fast back pain relief!

Discover how leaning forward can beat your back pain here

#3 – Protecting Your Precious Memories

Memory loss is a sad fact of life for nearly half of adults over age 60 – but thanks to our research and development it doesn’t have to be your memories that are lost. This year we introduced a special supplement uniquely formulated to restore and support a sharp memory while helping relieve stress and balance moods.

If you’re concerned about your memory, you’ll love the free special report and exclusive audio interview with Dr. Frank Lawlis included with our all new Advanced Memory Support package deals.

Start protecting and restoring your memory here

#2 – Helping You See Your Way Clearly

If you hate your glasses or get afraid of driving after dark due to night-blindness, there’s a natural answer to seeing your way forward. It’s our brand new Eye Health Essentials Kit. In just 90 days, our clinically researched vision supplement, special  eye-strengthening glasses and exclusive audio support program will have you seeing more clearly in weeks.

Learn how you can start seeing clearly in 90 days or less here

#1 – Relief from the #1 Cause of Disability Among Older Adults

Arthritis, the leading cause of disability in adults over age 60 can not only be prevented… it can often be reversed! Despite what your doctors may have told you about having it for life, I’m here to tell you that my personal friend, Dr. Mark Wiley, has beaten arthritis and helped many of his patients beat it, too.

After much coaxing and cajoling, Dr. Wiley wrote what I consider to be the most authoritative resource ever written for naturally reducing arthritis pain – and even reversing the course of the disease. It’s called Arthritis Reversed and I’ve already given away THOUSANDS of copies to our readers FREE!

We ran out of the first set of books we purchased but I’ve recently purchased another batch, so if you don’t have a copy yet there may still be time to ask for your free copy of Dr. Wiley’s book.

Get a FREE copy of Arthritis Reversed here

Coming Soon: Real Arthritis Relief – 6 Years in the Making!

Arthritis isn’t a new concern at the Healthy Back Institute®. In fact, for nearly six years we’ve researched and tested virtually every natural supplement we could find for relieving arthritis pain.

Thanks to personal and team consultations with Dr. Wiley and other leading natural health experts, we’ve taken the absolute safest and most effective arthritis relieving ingredients on planet Earth and have been testing numerous formulations using them for nearly a year to find the key to unlocking your arthritis pain.

We found it!

I can’t give you all the details just yet, but the big announcement is coming very soon. If you’d like to be the first to hear about this exciting new development – one I honestly believe can transform your life if you’re struggling with arthritis pain – be sure to add your name to our “Advance Notification List” below.

Add your name to our Advance Notification List here

Most of All – Thank You!

We seriously couldn’t have become the powerhouse natural health and pain relief company that we are today without your support and valuable input.

And I want to personally assure you we’re scouring the globe for the absolute best natural solutions for your pain, health and fitness challenges. Next month I’m off to Thailand for two weeks – researching yet another exciting opportunity to help you get the most out of life. So be sure to let me know in the comments below what you want to hear about next. I’m listening.

This year has been terrific and the future is brighter than ever. Thanks to you!

So… if you have appreciated anything we’ve been done, please 1) SHARE this post on Facebook or your favorite social media (scroll to the top of this page to do so!)… and 2) post your COMMENTS below ↓↓↓ And keep watching our FREE health newsletter for the safest and most powerful solutions to YOUR health needs!



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Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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