FDA Tries to Stop Cancer Cure

Last week I wrote about Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski and his unique antineoplaston based cure for cancer.

We’ve received a huge response about it from you, our readers, through Facebook likes, blog comments, and many direct emails.

Not surprisingly there’s a tremendous desire for a real cancer cure that won’t leave you sicker than you started like radiation and chemotherapy. There’s also a healthy dose of skepticism about claims of curing cancer.

Now let me ask you a couple questions. Who stands to gain from a non-toxic cancer cure that really works? The cancer patients and their families, right?

But who stands to lose? Try a multi-billion dollar “cancer cure” industry.

Last week I told you how the FDA tried 5 times to shut down Dr. Burzynski by throwing him in jail and tossing away the key, not to mention multi-million dollar fines. It wasn’t that he did anything wrong. He just had the audacity to treat patients — legally I might add — without going through big drug companies.

The corruption doesn’t stop there. The Burzynski Move shows how big pharmaceutical companies, the FDA, and even institutions you might think would be neutral like the National Cancer Institute worked together not only to silence Dr. Burzynski, but to even steal the patents on his own medicine!

The fully documented misconduct by these institutions and others found in the Burzynski Movie is stunning to say the least. Here’s a clip from the movie:


Now earlier this week I mentioned some very big news was coming about the Burzynski Movie DVD. Here it is…

After seeing the movie for the first time I knew it was too important not to let everyone know about it. But when I saw the overwhelming response to our first write-up about the movie and Dr. Burzynski’s cancer cure I decided to pull out all the stops to get this movie in the hands of everyone who wants to see it.

So in the past week we directly contacted the Director/Producer of the Burzynski documentary, Eric Merola, to see what we could do to get this movie into your hands as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

I’m happy to tell you that we were able to reach an agreement. Eric has graciously created a special edition of the DVD just for us which is being rush duplicated right now. Here’s how you can get a free copy…

First, if you’re a subscriber to our monthly newsletter, Live Pain Free… do nothing. You’re going to get the movie free in your very next issue. If you’re not a subscriber already, all you need to do is take advantage of our membership benefits and sign up now.

Here’s how our Live Pain Free subscription works…

Every month readers of our Live Pain Free newsletter get a printed issue in the mail jam packed with health, wellness, and fitness information. They also get a special disc of the month. Sometimes it’ll be an interview I conduct with an expert in health or fitness and put it on an audio CD for you. Other times we’ll send you a DVD, such as the Kettlebell Workouts DVD that just shipped with October’s issue.

Like I said, in November we’ll be sending the Burzynski Movie special edition DVD out in every issue. But that’s not all. I’m also going to run a feature article where I’ll dig even deeper into the antineoplaston therapy created by Dr. Burzynski so you’ll know just how powerful and proven it really is.

Now, for those still skeptical, I can tell you unequivocally that Dr. Burzynski is the real deal. His antineoplaston treatments work and I’ve already seen the hard science and clinical proof backing up his claims.

The Burzynski Movie really brings out a lot of that proof. And there’s a ton more proof readily available if you’re willing to go through the trouble to search it out.

Simply subscribe to Live Pain Free before the end of this month and you’ll get both the movie and my in-depth review of Dr. Burzinski’s novel treatment in just a few short weeks with your first issue.

By the way, you can cancel any time so there’s really no risk. But I think you’ll want to stick around for all the other cutting edge natural health and fitness information and great CDs and DVDs that’ll come your way every single month.

Just be sure to sign up before the end of October — that’s next weekend — if you want to make our November mailing list cutoff deadline to get your own free copy of the Burzynski Movie special edition DVD.

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