Who should not take ThinMist?

  1. As with all supplements, it is suggested that you consult your physician before taking this or any supplement.
  2. Stop taking this product 2 weeks before any scheduled surgery.
  3. This product is not intended for individuals under the age of 18.
  4. Do not take this product if you know or suspect that you are allergic to any ingredients.
  5. As with all dietary supplements, those who are pregnant or nursing should consult their physician.
  6. Discontinue use if you suspect the product is causing you any discomfort.

Attention: A person who uses (Insulin is a Diabetes or has Pre-Diabetic symptoms) should communicate with their doctor before starting ThinMist, as the ingredients in ThinMist can make the body more effective at glucose transport/utilization.

Attention: Colostrum (an Ingredient in ThinMist) does naturally boost immune response and if the customer is trying to reduce their body’s natural immune response the colostrum will counteract that. People who are currently being treated with immune modulation treatments will need to work with their doctors directly on what they eat and take in dietary supplements. 

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