What is Rub on Relief Herbal formula?

Living Well Nutraceuticals® is truly excited to partner with The Healthy Back Institute in launching the All-New Rub on Relief® Herbal Formula. This will be our most advanced/comprehensive formula to date, in part because we are using a blend of whole plant oils and some powerful plant extracts all of which have beneficial components that our bodies use on a daily basis.  

This All-New Herbal formula retains three of the most essential ingredient including (Cetyl Myristoleate, Magnesium Sulfate and MSM). These three ingredients alone have a long and strong track record when used topically for sore muscles and ache joints, but we did not stop there…

We have chosen to fuse Cinnamomum Camphor and Peppermint Leaf Oil as there are some very powerful naturally occurring compounds in each of these components, including menthol that feels cool and Camphor that feel warm, but what is even more compelling are the additional compounds found in both of these oils, that you may never have heard of but are the secret sauce to this formula.

We can call these next four extracts “The four princes of plant-based relief” they are Arnica Montana flower extract, White Willow (Salix Alba) Extract, Turmeric (Curcuma longa) extract and Boswellia Serrata extract, either one of these alone will help support your muscles and joints but together, they are blueprint for a resilient body.

No, topical cream should be without a strong citrus blend so we added Lemon (Citrus limon) Oil and Lime (Citrus Aurantifolia) Oil, for their impressive health benefits including antiseptic, antiviral, astringent, bactericidal, disinfectant, febrifuge and not to mention they provide a very faint yet pleasant all-natural fragrance.

I bet you have never heard of Calendula (Calendula) Officinalis Flower Extract, we added it because it contains a bioactive compound called Sesquiterpenoids and these Sesquiterpenoids have been found to be antimicrobial and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Please note, the base formula for Rub on Relief has not changed, with that said, we invite you to feel the difference it can make for your sore muscles and achy joints, without a prescription or harsh chemicals or obnoxious odors, just powerful natural ingredients to support you in your active and busy life.

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