What conditions can this device help with?

Virtually all painful conditions will cause the body to develop trigger points, so it is not a question of what conditions can this device help to treat but rather, if you understand that tripper points are a result of the way our bodies react to pain and inflammation and even chemical or physical imbalances, you will have a much better outcome in both the short term and long term if you work to prevent and or eliminate trigger points as part of your treatment for whatever painful condition you are suffering from.

That said, let me finish answering this question by saying that if you for example you have a diagnosis of a herniated disc or pulled back muscle you will develop a trigger point, and one trigger point can cause many more trigger points to develop in time. So you go form having a diagnosis of a herniated disc to having both a herniated disc and fibromyalgia or myofascial pain syndrome and now you don’t know which condition is causing you the most amount of pain or which issue to treat, so you need to or have to as part of treating a painful condition address your trigger point at some or you may just find your self in a chronic state of pain and not knowing what to do…

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