What are the 10 reasons for the Freedom Backs comfort?

  1. Unique spinal Channel that has been cut out so there is no direct pressure on the spinal bones.
  2. Tapered upper back support allows freedom of movement for arms and shoulders.
  3. Anatomical natural shape allows for neutral support for lower spine.
  4.  Soft breathable fabric cover ensures all day comfort.
  5. Unique Center cutout arch keeps tailbone area free of contact and pressure.
  6. Soothing massage relaxes and melts tired muscles.
  7. Provides formed support form lower back to upper shoulders.
  8. Shaped to accommodate the shoulder blade area without restricting arm movement.
  9. Extra lateral stability for your back that hug your body.
  10. Unique shaped bottom edge to fit the curve of the back of your hip area and buttocks.

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