Is there CORN in Heal n Soothe?

We do not use any corn products in our formulation or capsules, although we can not guarantee that corn is not used in minute quantities to help prevent individual ingredients in Heal-n-Soothe from clumping or sticking together during the manufacturing process. The use of such “flow agents” is standard practice in the supplement industry, and such flow agents may include corn, potato, rice, or tapioca. The presence of these flow agents is estimated to be a fraction of a single percent of product ingredients.

We adhere to a strict Allergen Control Program, which tests for common allergens as identified by the 2004 Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act. Corn is not on that list, and therefore, we do not test for its presence. Although the amount of corn is negligent, if present at all, we do not recommend using Heal-n-Soothe if you have a corn allergy or sensitivity.

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