Is there anything in Heal n Soothe that would show on a Drug Test?

No illegal substances in Heal n Soothe.
No (Ephedrine-Pseudoephedrine-Strychnine) in Heal n Soothe
No FDA registered Drugs in Heal n Soothe. (No NSAIDs)
No Glandular tissue or Hormones (human or otherwise)
No (DHEA)-Androstenedione-androstenediol
No stimulants in Heal n Soothe. (No Caffeine)
No FDA band substances in Heal n Soothe.
No one in 15yrs (since the product was launched), has ever told us they failed a drug test because of Heal n Soothe.

As a universal precaution, because there are many different rules and regulations around Drug Testing as well as differences in what substance are not appropriate for you and your current situation, we have to suggest you show the bottle to your Physician and or the person administering your drug test and ask them if it is ok to take Heal n Soothe (with all its ingredients).

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