How to get the best results from your Pinhole Glasses?

Never wear you pinhole glasses while driving or operating any type of machinery


1. Why are we sending you these Pinhole glasses?

The Pinhole glasses are being given to you as part of the process of helping to reduce the strain in your eyes. The muscles of the eyes are under continues strain and that tension in the muscle that is connected to the eye in time changes the shape of the eye and change the focal point on the retina and that is why you vision get blurry.

And to put it in simple terms, if you use these glasses, as much as you can tolerate you can minimize the strain on those muscles and help the eye ball regain a better shape thus help the eye ball focus.

2. What is the best way to use the glasses?

Like with anything we suggest that you experiment with the glasses, but here are some guidelines.

Duration: There is not set about of time that is required to use the glasses but we would suggest that you at lease use the glasses for several minutes at a time several times per day.

Activities: There are many different situations that you can use the glasses, including, watching TV, working on the Computer, Walking, doing house hold chores, and even reading…

Conditions: The glasses do work best when the area you are in is well lit.

3. What conditions do the glasses work best for?

The glasses can be use by anyone that has eye strain regardless of the condition of your eye, in fact that means everyone can use the glasses. But to be specific individuals who are nearsighted, farsighted or with presbyopia, will enjoy great results.


4. Here are some simple activities you can do with your glasses on.

Look at 4 fixed objects in the distance, and starting from left to right, look at each point for just a moment, (not moving your eyes but you head and eyes as one) then go around the square at least 10 times, then go in the opposite direction at least ten times. As alternatives pick an object either closer or further away and repeat.

You can then pick 4 focal point further apart from each other and this time mover you eyes and keep you head still and look at each point, for just a moment, and then go in the opposite direction at least 10 times each.
This action is a favorite for most who use the glasses, as you will see just how clear you really can see, take some printed material that you are not familiar with and hold it at a distance that is blurry to you, then put the glasses on at the same time move material closer and/or further away till you get super clear focus on just one word or even just one letter of the word. Then move the material closer and then further away with the glasses on and really try to relax and let your vision become clear and focused without strain.

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