Exercises for Spinal Stenosis

If you suffer from Spinal Stenosis you most likely already know what the condition is and what causes it. You also probably are aware of the conventional treatments for Spinal Stenosis. But what you may not know is that almost every person dealing with Spinal Stenosis also has “muscle imbalances” in their body. While it’s important to address your Spinal Stenosis by keeping active at your physical level, it is also important to understand what muscle imbalances are and how they can be contributing to your Spinal Stenosis pain.

Once I explain what muscle imbalances are and what causes them, you will begin to understand just how important correcting them really can be. Muscle imbalances form in the body overtime from the daily activities we perform; whether that’s playing a game of golf every week, sitting at a desk job 8 hours a day every day, to working a construction job.  We get in this pattern of motion that our bodies start becoming accustomed to. It seems like common sense, but most doctors don’t even know about them and that’s probably why you most likely have never heard of them.

So what’s so bad about muscle imbalances? Well, when muscles are imbalanced in the body they tend to pull on different structural parts, such as the pelvis or the spine. After a period of time, this pulling will eventually cause a misalignment to occur. This misalignment or what we call a “postural dysfunction” such as a forward tipped pelvis, can add stress, strain, wear and tear to the spine, which in turn causes or worsens conditions such as Sciatica, herniated discs, Spinal Stenosis and more.

If you want to perform exercises to help alleviate Spinal Stenosis pain, we suggest you try the Muscle Balance Therapy program, figure out which postural dysfunction you may have, and start working on correcting them. The program will teach you how to identify your postural dysfunction, and then guide you through a series of daily stretches and exercises for your specific dysfunction. Then, once you are correcting your postural dysfunction you can move to more common forms of exercises for Spinal Stenosis. Far too often people perform exercises for Spinal Stenosis or other back related conditions, but are not performing the correct ones which can only aggravate and not alleviate the pain.

If you would like to learn more about muscle balance therapy as well as more information on Spinal Stenosis, Click below.

Muscle Balance Therapy for Spinal Stenosis

Spinal Stenosis: What causes it, how you can treat it, and more!

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