Exercise for Low Back Pain Relief

Is it really possible to relieve lower back pain with exercise? Most traditional treatments include pain killers, muscle relaxers, physical therapy and in severe cases, surgery. Can something so simple get rid of back pain? Well the answer to that question is yes and no. Exercising with back pain can actually cause more harm than good. What you need are specific exercises for the cause of your pain. We will delve deeper in this article.

Lower back pain can be caused by pulled back muscles, disc issues, arthritis and other conditions. There are two types of lower back pain- acute and chronic. Acute back pain is pain that has lasted for no longer than a few weeks. And chronic back pain is diagnosed when back pain is experienced for over a few months. But don’t worry both types of lower back pain can be helped with exercise.

You may have tried exercise for low back pain relief, but with no results. Chances are you visited a physical therapist or another healthcare profession and you were given a print out of stretches to perform. Now if  you think about it, no two people are the same and not everybody has the same type of back pain yet the stretches and exercises they give are pretty much standard.

It is our belief that so many back pain sufferers are still in pain, because they simply don’t know the root cause of their pain. And barring trauma, that root cause is muscle imbalances.

There are some stretches that you can do now, that will help alleviate your back pain symptoms, but keep in mind they will only help temporarily. Until you identify your muscle imbalances the pain with come back.

One of the best exercises for low back pain relief is to simply kneel on the floor and put one foot in front of your body. Begin to gently lean forward and hold the stretch for at least 15 seconds. Go only as far as what is comfortable for you. Make sure to tip your pelvis back a little bit before leaning into the stretch. Repeat a few times alternating legs.

If you would like to view a short video clip of a demonstration for this exercise for low back pain relief, please CLICK HERE.

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