Effective Treatment and Prevention for Osteoporosis

EADBK-3D-300wThe following is adapted from Jesse Cannone’s latest book, The End of All Disease. To get a free copy, click here

In a previous email I mentioned calcium supplementation is NOT the answer for strong bones. It is actually linked to an increase in bone fractures.

That’s because your bones are made up of a variety of trace minerals. Calcium just happens to be the most abundant…so it gets the most attention. But strong bones require a balanced mixture of ALL the trace minerals, not just calcium.

And a good way to get readily usable trace minerals in the proper portions is sea salt.

It’s important you get sea salt and not table salt. Table salt is sea salt with all of the other valuable trace minerals leeched out. Without the proper balance of trace minerals your blood chemistry (your pH balance). If it becomes to acidic, it can actually leech MORE minerals from your bones and put you at a greater risk for osteoporosis.

For more in-depth info about the treatments recommended here I recommend you consult The End of All Disease book.

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