Does this “ancient” sleeping position fix joint pain?

How This Ancient Sleeping Position in Nature Can Fix Joint Pain (Almost No One in America Does This)

Most people don’t give a second thought to how they sleep. Yet research that’s been around for decades shows us certain sleeping positions can make back pain worse. Even more surprising, wild animals leave us clues for the best sleeping position to ward off back and joint pain.

If you’re struggling with back pain, you definitely want to avoid sleeping on your stomach. And you generally want to minimize how much time you sleep on your back. Both of these sleep positions can throw your spine out of alignment—especially if you’re using a bad pillow. Some studies show that sleeping on your back or stomach can increase your risk of back pain by 23%.

So what’s the best sleeping position to relieve back and joint pain? Well, the only option left is sleeping on your side. But there’s a catch. Your pillow could actually be making your back pain worse.

Using a larger pillow or multiple pillows can crane your neck and throw your spine out of alignment. Fortunately, our ape ancestors have left us clues for the best sleeping position to minimize back and joint pain. Check out this mountain gorilla:

As you can see, that gorilla isn’t using a pillow. Yet his left arm is supporting his head, keeping his spine in alignment. And it’s not just animals in the wild.

Many tribes people all over the world have adopted these natural and primitive sleeping positions. As a result, their prevalence of back and joint pain is much lower than here in America.

Here’s physiotherapist, Michael Tetley, demonstrating this sleeping position:

Once again, no use of a pillow. Instead, his right arm serves as the support for his head and neck. This position allows the spine to remain in perfect alignment.

Now, pillows aren’t completely useless. If you have knee pain for instance, placing pillows under your knees when sleeping on your back may help. As well as placing a pillow between your knees when sleeping on your side.

The point here is that while your sleeping position may not be the cause of your joint pain—it can certainly make your pain worse. So be mindful of how you sleep and what positions you find yourself in the most.

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