Is Arthritis Pain Relief Cream Effective?

There are millions of people around the world suffering the effects of arthritis, yet very few people actually understand what arthritis is and why treatment is so important. Arthritis is painful because it in an inflammation of the joints which can make them stiff and limit the range of motion of the affected area. A common symptom of arthritis is cartilage breakdown.

Cartilage is important because it acts as a shock absorber, like in a car, to relieve the pressure placed on joints during movements and physical activity. When the cartilage between the bones break down, the bones then begin to rub together, which causes extreme pain, swelling and inflexible.

Arthritis pain relief creams can be effective to treat the symptoms of arthritis, as long as you recognize the symptoms and know what ingredients can treat them effectively. 

Whether you suffer from basic arthritis or chronic arthritis, pain relief is essential to your ability to maintain your normal life. Regardless of age, weight, or level of physical activity, arthritis or osteoarthritis can occur in the hands & fingers, knees or hips among other areas. Repetitive actions of the arthritis areas can cause the pain to worsen if not treated regularly.

Treating arthritis pain by using pain relief creams can be effective for quick pain relief, but knowing what they do is equally important.

Natural Arthritis Pain Relief

Natural pain relief is always preferable to chemical pain relief creams because you reduce your risk of skin irritation or allergic reactions. However before using any pain relief product you should take note of ingredients to avoid these pitfalls.

Rub on Relief is a natural arthritis pain relief cream that contains herbal ingredients that fight pain. Featuring more than a dozen different natural pain fighting ingredients, you can l earn more about Rub On Relief when you click here.

Methyl Salicylate

Arthritis creams that contain methyl salicylate work to treat arthritis pain because they increase blood circulation to reduce swelling and stiffness. They also dilate the capillaries to make sure enough oxygen is getting into the blood and joints, which improves the range of motion.

Made with wintergreen oil, methyl salicylate is derived from plants and therefore natural in a sense. However creams that contain methyl salicylate also contain many artificial ingredients that leave that strong minty odor that scares many arthritis sufferers off these types of pain relief creams.

If you have an aspirin allergy you should not use these types of topical creams as this ingredient is very similar to aspirin.


If you’ve ever eaten a chili pepper then you already know what capsaicin is, even you don’t realize it. Capsaicin is the active ingredient in peppers that make them eye-wateringly spicy. In pain relief creams, capsaicin is what causes that tingling burning sensation in products like Icy Hot.

Capsaicin works in pain relief creams for arthritis because it releases a substance that sends pain signals to the brain, known as substance P. This substance does not treat pain however, it simply sends signals to your brain so you don’t feel the pain. This isn’t always an effective pain management method because if the pain worsens you are unlikely to notice, which can cause problems in the joints.

Another type of creams are often referred to as counter-irritant creams because they create localized inflammation while increasing the blood flow to relieve inflammation in the surrounding muscles. This relieves the pain due to swelling and can reduce stiffness.

When used as directed and not for a long period of time, pain relief creams for arthritis can be effective. These topical pain creams only provide temporary relief and are no substitute for a full pain relief regimen that includes exercise and a healthy diet.

For some arthritis sufferers exercise may not be prudent immediately, so work with your physician to find the proper stretches and exercise that can relieve pain. Click the link to get more information on natural pain relief creams like Rub on Relief.

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