Discogenic Low Back Pain

Nearly 80% of the adult population will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Of that 80%, almost half will suffer from some form of discogenic low back pain.

In simple terms, discogenic back pain involves pain associated with disc degeneration of the spine. First, let’s uncover what leads to disc degeneration.

Keep in mind that you can experience discogenic low back pain without having actual herniated discs. If you are experiencing chronic back pain and the home treatment options that we recommend do not provide relief, you should see a doctor or specialists to see if you do indeed have herniated discs.

In many cases, discogenic low back pain is accompanied by degenerative disc disease. The term degenerative disc disease sounds very intimidating but it is actually a natural part of aging. Obviously, there are several factors which determine the rate at which the discs degenerate.

Things like poor posture, inactivity, trauma, excessive repetitive motions can cause discs to wear down, tear or become inflamed.

What You Can Do About Discogenic Low Back Pain

As with any type of back pain, you will need to identify what the underlying cause of your pain is, in order to treat it properly. So whether or not you have been diagnosed with discogenic low back pain, herniated discs or other conditions, do not fall into the trap of treating the symptoms

Many people spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars treating their symptoms with pain killers. Prescription pain pills may give you temporary relief but the problem still persists.

If you would like to learn more about the true causes of your discogenic lower back pain, and how to treat it without drugs… check out the link below.


Click this link to see a more complete list of back pain treatments

Don’t let your pain control you. The fact that you are researching info about discogenic back pain demonstrates that you are determined to get relief. This website has dozens of articles and videos that you will find very informative.

Inversion Therapy for Discogenic Low Back Pain

Inversion therapy is a treatment option that has been around for a very long time.

The concept is simple. You invert your body and let the force of gravity stretch your body out. This process helps create space between your discs that naturally gets compressed over time.

If you think Inversion Therapy may help you get relieve from your discogenic back pain, click on the link below.

Inversion Therapy

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