Causes of Right Sided Back Pain

How can you determine what the causes of right sided back pain are, and what to do about them? Once you think about what you have been doing over the past few days, weeks or months, it is usually fairly easy to figure out.

First and foremost though, consider that muscles that don’t work together are a large reason for right sided pain. When you are trying to use your muscles to make your spine work from the right side, they must work in tandem-at the same time-and if they don’t, then back pain will result.

Muscles are always attached to your spine from the right side. They help you lift your arms, bend, lift your legs and more-just as they do on your left side.

Pain will occur when those muscles become overly stretched or unused-then those muscles are suddenly used. Properly using the muscles by warming them up will avoid the right sided back pain

When right sided back muscles don’t balance properly because of lack of use-or overuse-pain will begin to occur as well. Quite often, pain will stay around as well until the muscles are brought back into balance by using a workout that is not quite equally balanced, so that the right sided muscles receive the workout that is needed.

Other causes of right sided back pain are numerous. Some of those causes might not be ones that would actually occur to you at first, until you experience them, and realize that they really are the source.

One of the worst causes of right sided back pain is overdoing a gym workout without the correct supervision. Trying to improperly build up specific exercises for the abdominal and back muscles without someone who knows what exercises will work, will end damaging your back.

Balance is needed in any workout routine so that one side is not overworked-the right side is not accentuated more than the other, causing pain. Look for a certified trainer, to get the help you need and avoid the right side back pain.

Sitting with your legs crossed for a long time will also cause right sided back pain. Simply sit with your feet flat on the floor. Or, alternate crossing your legs. Remember though, that stretching out your back while sitting is necessary-so get up and walk around a little bit.

Picking up a box with your feet equally balanced is also a problem. If you happen to lean to the right side to give yourself more strength because your side is stronger, you might pinch nerves, and end up with right sided back pain.

There are so many causes of right sided back pain that it takes just a bit of imagination to know what caused it. Sit down and think about what you could have possibly done, ask for help to counteract it, and then deal with it. Right sided back pain is nothing to mess with, and can easily be avoided.

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