Causes of Back Pain and Neck Pain

There are several causes of back and neck pain that range from physical injuries to mental stress. One of the most common causes is from a physical injury, and whether it is at work on the job or an old sports injury, it can cause extreme pain. For patients with pain related to injuries, there are more serious treatments involved and suffers will experience a higher amount of pain opposed to pain simply caused by stress.

Another cause of back and neck pain is stress from events in life such as work, family or other relationships. This is an easier problem to solve because there is no physical damage to correct in the body but rather a person in need of stress management. The pain caused from stress can affect many parts of the body, which makes it harder for doctors to diagnose this as the source of the problem. Depending on the type of pain the patient experiences, a doctor can prescribe or suggest a multitude of remedies to correct the problem. If the problems occur from a physical injury, the patient can’t take doctor prescribed pain medication, (though doctors typically tend to avoid medication at all possible) and suggests the more natural method of visiting a chiropractor instead.

A chiropractor will work with the patient to perform exercises and other therapies to correct the problem without having to prescribe possible addicting medication. Aside from powerful prescription drugs there are herbal and other natural supplements people can take. The use of medication and other supplements will only stop the pain for a short period of time and will not correct the problem. Though in some situations, patients can naturally heal under their own body’s strength and with the aid of medication to alleviate the pain while this process takes place.

With different exercises, patients are able to slowing work their joints and muscles to a point of reflexivity. Surgery is always an available option though it is very painful, and this option is usually not recommended, with the exception of extreme injuries. Though there are several causes of back and neck pain, patients should also be aware that a source of this pain can also come from stress, which is the most overlooked cause.

People experiencing pain related to stress should examine their unique situation and determine the best course of action to get relief from the pain. A simple look at someone’s day-to-day life can help solve their own problems without having to consult expensive doctors. With people of all ages using the computer for multiple things, people should be aware of their posture when typing or sitting at a computer for long periods of time as it can lead to physical pain in the back or neck. Workers with jobs requiring them to be at a computer for several hours a day should be extremely cautious with their posture because of the prolonged damage that can occur over a period of years in the workplace.

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