The Antiviral Superfood Your Doctor Isn’t Talking About

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Did you know that right now medical researchers and drug companies are scrambling and spending billions of dollars trying to find a way to  “cure” this latest coronavirus?

And yet no one in the government or mainstream medical community is talking  about how you can boost your immune system naturally — or the dozens of tested and proven natural compounds that have been used for thousands of years to fight off viruses.

Today, I’ll share the truth with you about one of the world’s most powerful antiviral remedies…

I’m talking about Bromelain — a substance found in pineapples that’s been shown in studies to fight some of the world’s deadliest diseases and viruses.

In addition, bromelain is one of the safest and most effective natural treatments for chronic joint pain and inflammation. It has almost no side effects (unless you are allergic). It has been studied extensively for both chronic and acute joint pain.

This natural antiviral comes from pineapples.

Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme extract that comes from the fruit and stems of pineapples.

Proteolytic enzymes are natural substances that deliver dozens of health benefits to your ENTIRE body.

Unlike dangerous pharmaceuticals, proteolytic enzymes have no known side effects.

And, your body flushes them out when it’s done using them.

I’m willing to bet your doctor probably doesn’t even know about these enzymes…

Even many natural health practitioners aren’t aware of them.

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Bromelain extinguishes chronic inflammation — a big source of most diseases.

Bromelain is widely known to be one of the best natural treatments for joint pain and ongoing inflammation.

Inflammation is good when it’s part of your body’s healing response to an injury or trauma.

But when inflammation is chronic, it becomes a contributing factor to many of the world’s deadliest diseases.  This includes COVID-19, the virus that is ravaging the world right now.

A helper t-cell segregates cytokines.

In the flurry of recent disease news, you may have heard the phrase “cytokine storm.”

This “storm” is a dangerous internal reaction that occurs in severe infections.

The cytokine storm is caused by an overcharged immune system, which can cause life-threatening inflammation in the body. Here’s where bromelain comes to the rescue…

Studies show that “bromelain potentially activates the healthy immune system in association with the rapid response to cellular stress.”1

Bromelain reduces the secretion of cytokines that come from an overstimulated immune system and out-of-control inflammation2.

But that’s not all bromelain can do…

Bromelain can actually dissolve the protective coating of certain viruses

Every virus has a protective outer layer called a capsid. Viruses also have an outer layer called an ectodomain that helps them infect most surfaces and invade healthy cells.

Research shows bromelain has a cleaving effect on both of these protective barriers.3

One in vitro study examined how bromelain interacted with blood samples containing the HIV, HCV and HPV.

The results showed that bromelain actually damaged the outer layers of these viruses.

Researchers concluded that:

“The Bromelain enzyme originating from the flesh and the stem of pineapple fruit has been shown to have the potential to be utilized as an antiviral agent against viral borne diseases which include HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and HPV that could cause cervical cancer4.”

Bromelain has anti-flu properties

H1N1 is the flu strain that caused both the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic.

Remember the ectodomain I mentioned earlier? That part of the virus that helps infect surfaces and healthy cells…

Well, results from  2008 in vitro study showed that bromelain and papain, another powerful systemic enzyme found in papayas, had the greatest effect breaking down the proteins that make up the ectodomain in H1N1.

“Bromelain and papain and the enzymic preparation pronase efficiently deleted HA ectodomains, while chymotrypsin, trypsin, and subtilisin Carlsberg deleted only a part of them.”5

This doesn’t mean that bromelain can obliterate the flu virus…

But it does show that these enzymes have the potential to be used as a therapy for treating the flu.

Here’s another reason bromelain deserves more attention…

Bromelain is an antioxidant that keeps disease-causing molecules in check6

You’ve probably heard the term “antioxidant” used in marketing certain food products…

Antioxidants are cellular molecules that regulate free radicals.

Free radicals are rogue, unstable atoms that can damage cells and cause disease, cancer and respiratory conditions..

Recent studies show that nutritional antioxidants are an “attractive strategy” to “protect against chronic lung disease and viral infection.”7

These viral infections include coronaviruses, rhinoviruses and other viruses that affect the respiratory system.

How do antioxidants work? They help regulate the protease/antiprotease balance that causes viral infections in the epithelial layer of the lungs.

And there’s more…

Bromelain is also antimicrobial and antifungal

Studies show bromelain can be used as a line of defense against certain bacterial infections and fungi.

Bromelain was shown to completely resolve an infectious skin disease caused by an overgrowth of candida, a type of yeast fungus.

Other studies show bromelain also combats certain intestinal tract pathogens.8

So why is no one talking about bromelain?

Scientists have studied bromelain and systemic enzymes for a long time. They’re used widely in Japan and Europe, but they haven’t caught on in the U.S.

Probably because Big Pharma wants to keep you hooked on their expensive and often harmful medications. And so, bromelain is an inexpensive but potent antiviral and definitely one you are going to want to have in your medicine cabinet.

How do you get bromelain?

You can get bromelain from eating pineapples… but to get any therapeutic effect,, you’d have to eat several pineapples every day.

Fresh pineapple juice is also rich with bromelain… but that also requires a lot of messy juicing and blending several pineapples every day. Also, that would be a lot of sugar, that would result in blood sugar spikes

You also make these enzymes in your pancreas…

But as you age, your body produces less and less. And by the time you are 50, they drop to dangerously low levels and this is why children tend to weather viruses fairly easily and why older adults don’t.

The most effective way to get enough bromelain is by taking a supplement.

When shopping, look for a supplement that contains a mixture of systemic enzymes. Bromelain is especially effective when paired with papain.

As I said earlier, these are just a few of the many health benefits of this vital enzyme.

Once I discovered bromelain’s health benefits, I wasted no time adding it to my arsenal of immune-supporting nutrition.

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