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From the earliest primitive techniques to the latest technological advances, many of medical science’s efforts have been aimed at discovering the best way to alleviate pain. While today’s back pain patients have a variety of medications to choose from, ointments remain a popular favorite. The best pain relief ointment is difficult to choose, as many patients and doctors adamantly believe that their personal favorite is the best. Herbal remedies, pain ointments and other selections are available. Having a wide variety of options to choose from allows patients to determine which ointment works the best for them.

Perhaps the oldest of all ointment-based remedies are the herbal ointments. These have been used since the beginning of time. Today, several excellent brands exist. The most popular of these usually contain Tiger Balm. These ointments are used not only for pain management, also for treating a variety of other ailments including migraines, heartburn, mosquito bites and stomachaches. Herbal ointment use is on the rise, as many patients are turning to organic methods of pain relief.

There are several products that consistently rank high with users, but choosing the best pain relief ointment is personal. Here are a few to try:

  • BenGay: This topical formula is typically used to treat minor pain. It is most popular among those who suffer from mild arthritic pain, who often see relief. The product sends warming heat directly to the affected muscles.
  • Voltaren: This ointment is a prescription treatment that has FDA approval. It is anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal. This ointment is generally used by those with pain in their hands or knees.
  • Neosporin Arthritis Cream: This is another ointment typically used by those who suffer from Arthritis. Many patients who suffer from pain symptoms utilize this ointment for sore or strained muscles.

It is important to remember that it is possible to overdose on topical medications. This is especially true of prescription ointments that contain steroids or pain relieving agents. All medication, including topical ointments, whether OTC or prescription, should be used as prescribed. Overuse of topical ointments may lead to the absorption of harmful compounds by the body. This is often what leads to an overdose.

In many cases, the best pain relief ointment is entirely subjective. Determining which ointment works best for a particular patient is often a matter of trial and error. For those patients with extreme pain, a visit with their physician is usually necessary. Qualified physicians can prescribe more powerful ointments that will directly treat the source of pain and discomfort.

For those who suffer from back pain, or indeed any physical pain, having a pain ointment on hand is a smart idea. Try several to determine which works best for your pain management needs and be sure to carefully read and follow all directions. Whether you choose a holistic remedy on your own, or work with a physician to find the appropriate ointment-based treatment, you will likely notice immediate relief of your pain.

Take a look at our holistic pain relief ointments and find the one that is right for you.

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