The Benefits of GABA

If You Suffer Poor Sleep or Anxiety, It’s a MUST

benefits of GABAGamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is a neurotransmitter known for its inhibitory effect on nerves, essentially helping them to calm down.

Low levels of GABA are linked to mood and anxiety disorders, which is why some anxiety medications and hypnotics like Ambien and Lunesta actually work by increasing GABA activity.

Relaxation, Anti-Anxiety and Sleep-Inducing Benefits of GABA

If you need to relax, fast, GABA can be invaluable. When taken orally, one study found that GABA worked effectively as a natural relaxant, inducing relaxation and diminishing anxiety within one hour of taking it.[i] The GABA was even found to enhance immunity under stressful conditions!

As the main inhibitory neurotransmitter of the central nervous system, it is also well established that activation of GABA(A) receptors by GABA favors sleep.[ii] In addition to promoting deep sleep and sleep maintenance, increasing GABA may help you fall asleep as well,[iii] even under conditions in which sleep quality would ordinarily be diminished, such as after you’ve taken a nap. GABA is also known to counterbalance the effects of the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate.[iv]

Interestingly, one reason why yoga appears to be particularly useful to improve your mood is because it increases the levels of GABA in your brain, naturally.[v] Even certain beneficial bacteria (probiotics) have been found to positively impact GABA levels, and this connection may help explain why probiotics appear to benefit anxiety and depression.[vi] GABA is also a key ingredient in Sleepzyme, which also contains 9 other ingredients to help you sleep (including Valerian, which also helps to increase GABA).

GABA Helps Both Your Mind and Body to Rest

What makes GABA particularly unique is that it is known to impact both sleep problems as well as anxiety disorders. When you don’t have enough GABA, you may have racing thoughts and other feelings of anxiety that make it nearly impossible to sleep. Too little GABA is specifically known to interfere with “delta” sleep, which is the beneficial ‘deep’ sleep that begins about 45 minutes after you fall asleep.[vii] A lack of delta sleep is common among those with mood disorders like depression and anxiety.

benefits of GABAWith this link, it’s not surprising that GABA-related sleep problems may increase your risk of emotional health problems, as the substance plays a key role in both sleep and mood.

“”It’s the brakes of your brain,” Karl Doghramji, MD, director of the Sleep Disorders Center at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia told WebMD of GABA. “It stops activity.”[viii]

Are you ready to quiet those anxious feelings and restore peace to your mind and body, for a good night’s rest and a calm mood during the day? Anti-anxiety drugs and sleep meds can be addictive and often cause serious side effects.

Try all-natural Sleepzyme, with GABA (and 9 other natural sleep-inducing ingredients!) now.


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