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Here at the Healthy Back Institute, we know that back pain and shoulder blade pain are connected, even though they may have different root causes, causing you sleepless nights and medical bills. However, since these are often physical problems, why not try a physical solution?

Traditional medical approaches to back pain all seem to lead down the same road: eventually to surgery. However, we don’t believe this is always the best option for many people. Traditional treatments pump steroids into your body and are invasive enough to require an extensive recovery period after they “fix” your back pain and shoulder blade pain.

Although in some severe cases, surgical intervention is required, the majority of back pain and shoulder blade pain result from years of muscle imbalance and overuse. This means that if you are currently experiencing pain, you are probably in the earlier stages where you can treat and manage it homeopathically.

For example, back pain is mostly caused by our bad posture lifestyle. We eat crouched over, we work crouched over, we drive crouched over and we sleep on beds that are less than supportive. Our spines never get a break- never gets stretched out. Because of this, some back muscles get weak while some get too strong because they have to compensate for our posture. Over time, this becomes the default position of all the muscles supporting our body. We eventually can’t lift or do the same things we used to because not all our muscles are as strong as they used to be.

But all we have to do is reduce inflammation—which can be done without steroids, and make sure to stretch our spines out, and give the muscles enough exercise to become strong again. Not only will pain be reduced, but the range of movement and support we once enjoyed can come back.

The shoulder blade is connected to the shoulder joint by the muscles, tendons, bursa and bony arch that comprise the rotator cuff. Damage to any of these elements in the rotator cuff translates to pain in the shoulder blade and loss of movement if left untreated.

Again, simple inflammation-reducing, over-the-counter NSAIDs (Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs), such as Aleve, Tylenol, or Motrin can help you at first to manage the pain, giving you time to then seek a homeopathic solution to the problem. In fact, even traditional medical practitioners will start you on NSAIDs first.

• Physical therapy is a great way to help bring back function to the muscles / tendons that have become inflamed and imbalanced because of overuse.
• Inversion tables can help you stretch your spine and bring back healthy blood flow between all its cervical joints. This will release the stress on the spine that builds up because of our lifestyle and ends up in back pain.
• Ultrasound therapy, which delivers high frequency, inaudible sound waves to the calcium deposits that can cause shoulder blade pain has been shown to relieve the symptoms and advance healing.
• Simply changing your bed to one that supports your back properly can reduce back pain.
• Homeopathic heat and cold pack therapies can be enough to resolve inflammation in some cases.

If you are experiencing both back and shoulder blade pain, we give you the tools to self diagnose and treat yourself without the harsh intervention of traditional approaches to healing. Pay us a visit today at LosetheBackPain.

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