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If you suffer from back pain, you may have relied on pain medication or any number of pain relief devices to ease your suffering. There are literally thousands of devices available on the Internet or in stores to try for you to seek respite from your pain. Along with dietary supplements, exercise and stretching regimens and meditation, pain relief may be found with some of these devices. Ask your doctor for recommendations, or friends or family who have similar pain problems. They might have some anecdotal evidence that can point you in the right direction as to what device to try out.

For your bed, consider a memory foam neck pillow. They conform to the shape of your head and neck, and the depression made keeps both in line with your shoulders, making your spine less apt to being out of alignment when you sleep. They are a little pricey, but their proponents swear by them.

Neck massagers can offer some relief in the form of vibrating sensation (some with heat) that can relax your neck and shoulders, if used properly. If improperly applied, however, they can bruise muscles and ligaments, so use with caution.

Back support chairs are one way to give your lower back some relief and contribute to better posture. Over the years, we can get into bad habits in our office chair and car seats, rolling our backs over and slumping our shoulders. A good office chair will offer lumbar support and help you sit up straighter, strengthening your core and your back and relieving pressure on your spine and shoulders.

Instead of a back support chair, you might consider keeping the one you have and adding a lumbar support pillow. The full pillows support your rear-end and give a roll of support behind your lumbar spine (the small of your back). Some offer support just to the lumbar area; shop until you find one that’s perfect for you. They improve your posture and the comfort of your seat, and can relieve some of the pressure you feel from hours at a desk. They’re also available in models for cars, whether you drive personally for a long time or professionally, you know what sitting in a car for too long can do to your back.

A lumbar support belt is one way to provide support to your lower back when you’re on the move. Either over your clothes or under, it provides stability when you’re feeling weak, and can help you stand up straighter and be more conscious of your posture.

A neck roll pillow is popular, for supporting your head and easing neck strain (we’ve all seen someone use one on an airplane). Be careful to buy one that fits you perfectly, as the wrong fitting neck pillow can hurt you more than help.

Posture shoes are an orthopedic device that can help you by cushioning your feet and improving your posture. A good arch support, for instance, can relieve pressure from your ankles, making your gait more natural, and the benefits translate to back health.

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