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Chances are, you or someone you’re close to has experienced back pain. In fact, it’s been statistically proven that there are high chances of this situation. A study done by the New England Journal of Medicine noted that two thirds of all adults will have to deal with lower back pain at some point in their lives. If you know the frustration of back pain, these are sobering statistics. Not only is back pain irritating by nature, it can also cause you to have to alter your daily routine. Simple tasks such as carrying groceries from your car to your kitchen and picking up your toddler become difficult, and can even cause further injury to occur.

There are many causes of back pain. If you have sudden and severe pain, you should always consult your physician before deciding on treatment options. However, most symptoms have very simple causes, such as poor posture and stress. If you believe your pain may be caused by these situations, you should first try to rectify your current habits by improving your posture and practicing stress reducing techniques such as deep and concentrated breathing and even yoga if you’re open to it. Therapeutic massage has been shown to greatly reduce pain as well. However, if you have tried these techniques and are still looking for better results, or would like to approach your healing holistically, back pain machines can be a great solution.

As stated before, most back pain is caused by tension. Whether that tension was brought on as a result of mental stress or physical strain, the result is the same-pain. Just as massage and yogic movements reduce tension and therefore reduce pain, back machines reduce tension and pain as well. If you are thinking about purchasing a back pain machine, there are a few different types of machines you’ll want to be familiar with before making your final decision.

First, there are back stretching machines. These have many of the same benefits of yoga classes, but are more targeted toward the back muscles, which allows you to focus on your problem areas, gain a deeper stretch, and eventually reap greater benefits. A main benefit of these machines is that they help you to gain flexibility and strength in your back muscles, which also helps with circulation. As your muscles become stronger and more flexible, your back pain will reduce and you will be much less susceptible to back pain and/or injury in the future.

Another type of pack pain machine is an inversion machine. These machines allow you to lie down and literally invert your body in various degrees, from a 5 degree inversion to hanging completely upside down. This helps to eliminate stiff or sore muscles as it takes all of the tension off of your back and neck and allows your body to heal itself without obtaining further injury or stress. Studies have shown that your muscle tension is reduced within as little as ten seconds of inversion, so you can imagine the great benefits of using this machine for even a few minutes a day.

Back pain is not only irritating, it’s debilitating. If you’re ready to move forward with your life and get rid of your back pain, these might be solutions worth considering.

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