Back Pain in Women

If you are a woman experiencing back pain you are already well aware of the fact that it is no walk in the park. Back pain can impose an inconvenience that could render you immobile, uncomfortable, of just plain miserable. There are several reasons for back pain in both men and women but the source of women’s back pain tends to be a bit more specific. Typically women complain of experiencing a discomfort in their lower back.

Lower back pain in women is most apparent during pregnancy when women are experiencing vital hormonal and physical changes. This back pain is almost unavoidable as the body copes with the trauma of the added weight in the abdomen causing for more support offered by the lower back. The lower back typically is not use to offering these levels of support so there is indeed an adjustment period.

There have even been cases of lower back pain in women early in pregnancy before the added weight is a factor. This is due to hormonal changes that result in an increased lax in the joints. When the joints relax it also causes the spine, abdominal and back muscles to relax. When these support centers relax is causes poor posture which can in turn cause back pain. Though back pain is pregnancy is inevitable there are ways that sufferers can manage. A few suggestions would be:

Relax: The more activity you engage in the more pressure is added to the back for support which can produce a pain as the back is adjusting to the body’s changes.

Use better posture: Counter the natural impulse of your body to slouch or hunch over as changes occur. Sitting and walking with good posture should ultimately minimize tension.

Added support: You may want to consider a back brace for assistance with support and posture correction.

Light Stretches and Exercise: Nothing feels as great for a painful back then a nice deep stretch. Be sure not to over-exert yourself when stretching and performing light exercises. If there is added pain during stretch and exercise, stop.

There are several other reasons why women experience back pain that are unrelated to pregnancy. Large breast have been plaguing women and causing back pain sense the beginning of time. Large breast add a stress to the spine which can cause changes in posture. Great support for large breast is essential. Menstrual cycle can often cause a back pain that is associated with hormonal changes. Stress is a major cause of back pain amongst both genders. If you are experiencing back pain there may be ways that it can be treated that are non-invasive yet soothing. Try warm and cold compressed on the affected area. Apply ice (or a cold compress) to the affected area for 20 minutes then get a warm compress and perform the same action. If there is any swelling you may want to consider taking an anti-inflammatory like Advil or Motrin to reduce swelling as well as pain.

Back pain can be a nuisance. If you would like more information or you’re interested in ways to ease back pain please visit today!

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