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I can tell you from the years of working with athletes who have back pain, you as the athlete are going to have to surrender a little bit. This approach makes sense but it may go against your current training principles. And I’m not saying that what you are doing is dead wrong but when you are dealing with an issue things have to be done a little different which mean you have to think a little different.

Having worked with world class athletes for the last 10 years, I learned long ago that I can not and I do not tell athletes what to do, my objective is to explain the issues the best I can and hope to get through to them.

About your future:

This is a very important lesson for every one and I learned it from Claud Bristals book
“The Magic of Believing”, It is one of the best audios/book, I have ever listened to, he says and very effectively explains that most of our current and future beliefs come from other people and we should be careful not to let other peoples beliefs hinder our own beliefs.

Believe me there is nothing wrong from learning from others but when you hear that you bodybuilding days may be over from someone of authority, the tendency is to start thinking your days are over, that is called the Law of Suggestion.

Let me pose this question, Do you think your PT would have told Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam who both have back issue that their golfing days are over. Or what about Mario Lemieux who has such bad back pain he has to have someone else tie his skates. Please…

This holds true for any one, you and you alone have to take on the responsibility for learning all you can about your current condition and what will work and what will not. You are the only one that will know your limitations and most limitation start in the mind.

You have choices for treating your back pain and Muscle Balances Therapy is one of them:

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