Back and Neck Pain and Mammaplasty

Mammaplasty, also known as mammoplasty and mammoplasties, is an umbrella term that refers to any plastic surgery that is performed on the breast or breasts in order to alter the shape or the size. There are two ways that back and neck pain and Mammaplasty can go hand in hard. First and foremost, some people decide to undergo a Mammaplasty surgery in order to reduce the size of their breasts when their breasts are purported to be causing pain in the back or the neck. Large breasts can cause posture difficulties, which over time can lead to pain in the back as well as the neck. The other way that back and neck pain and Mammaplasty go hand in hand is because sometimes following a Mammaplasty operation, a parent may experience back and neck pain as part of the normal healing and recovery process.

Back and Neck Pain Before Mammaplasty

There are occasionally situations where a woman has breasts that are sizable enough that they are causing back pain. Because too much weight in the front can cause problems relating to your posture, it can become very easy for you to throw your spine, your back and your neck completely out of whack. This leads many women to wanting to have a breast augmentation surgery, or Mammaplasty, in order to correct the issue. The indicated solution here is to reduce the size of the breasts in order to restore balance to the woman’s posture. This is typically more than capable of restoring good posture and balance, allowing the back and neck pain issues to go away on their own as a result.

Back and Neck Pain Following Mammaplasty

Back and neck pain does not normally follow Mammaplasty surgeries where the breasts are shaped or enlarged, primarily because implants do not weigh the same as normal breasts do. Unless you ask for implants that are abnormally large, there should be no problem with the implants that you receive giving you any back pain or neck pain.

On the other hand, as part of the recovery process from Mammaplasty, back and neck pain may occur. Back and neck pain and Mammaplasty relate to one another in this way because as the size or the shape of your breasts is altered, it is going to change your posture and the way you stand and walk naturally. Whether you lift your breasts, shape them, make them larger or ask that they be made smaller, there is a fair chance that you are going to experience back and neck pain following your Mammaplasty. Luckily, this is just part of the recovery process as you work on growing accustomed to your new form, and it is a type of pain that goes away with time just as the other effects of the surgery do.

So while back and neck pain and Mammaplasty do often occur in similar situations, Mammaplasty does not directly cause any back or neck pain unless it is a fleeting symptom of the recovery process.

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