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Back aches are a fairly common problem and are likely to plague almost everyone at some point in your life. They can result from injury, poor posture, weakened muscles, pregnancy, or even sleeping wrong. Luckily there are a number of ways to address back ache relief.

  • Resting the area may be your first instinct. However, this may not be the best way to achieve pain relief. Experts are starting to say moderate exercise and stretching can not only help relieve pain but it can keep it away when practiced consistently. Try walking or running to promote a strong core. Also, stretch the area regularly to help relieve tension and keep the muscles loose.
  • De-stress. Muscle tension is a major cause of back aches, and many people carry their stress and resulting tension in their backs. A few long deep breaths can go a long way when it comes to preventing pain. If that’s not enough, try a yoga or meditation course whose priority is relaxation.
  • Over the counter pain medications may be the easiest way to relieve a back ache. NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) will have the most impact on back pain relief as they reduce swelling, which can often be the main cause of pain. However, try to avoid becoming a pill popper as over the counter medications can have lasting side effects like liver problems, stomach bleeding and ulcers when not taken properly.
  • Hot and cold therapy can be very effective at relieving back aches. If the pain is the result of an injury, try to apply cold temperatures as quickly as possible. This will help stop and reduce swelling, which can put pressure on sensitive areas of the back. Then, applying heat can often help soothe tense muscles and increase blood flow to the affected area. For maximum pain relief, try the infrared heating pad offered by The Healthy Back Institute. This heating pad is the latest in heating pad technology and offers heat that gets deep into injured muscles to help relax pain away, and provide long lasting pain relief. Visit to see the full selection of infrared heating pads.
  • Go get a massage. A good massage can be very soothing to tight muscles and bring instant relief to back ache sufferers.
  • Try alternative methods. Acupuncture is becoming a very popular way to relieve back pain. The Chinese believe the body is more than just organs and tissue. It has an inner life force or energy called “Chi.” If the Chi becomes stagnant, this can cause pain in any part of the body, including the back. Acupuncture helps restore the normal flow of Chi. It involves inserting many tiny, thin needles into the skin around the affected area at varied depths. Recent studies are showing acupuncture does indeed help relieve pain for some people.

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