Arthritis Help: 3 Big Mistakes You Must AVOID


The following is an excerpt from the brand new book, ARTHRITIS REVERSED, by Dr. Mark Wiley… this excerpt provides you 3 of the Top 10 biggest mistakes people with arthritis make…

If you or someone you care about suffers from arthritis, I’m certain you’ll also find ARTHRITIS REVERSED the most helpful book you ever read on how to (really) put an end to your arthritis…

(And YES, as you will learn in the book you certainly CAN reverse it, as many have… if anyone has ever told you that you can’t, another mistake is believing that nonsense!)

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MISTAKE #10 Failing To Take Personal Control of Your Situation

The most powerful thing you can ever come to know is the fact that no one cares about your arthritis condition as much as you do. They simply do not have as big a stake in it. You are the one suffering, not them, so to rely on others to take care of your condition is a big mistake. You must take personal control of your arthritis. It is only you who can change your lifestyle, removing the things that negatively affect your health and wellness. It is only you who can eat right and take supplements and administer pain relieving creams and gels. It is only you who can stretch, walk, exercise and meditate. So please find a way to become self-empowered and to take control. I know it is hard. I struggle with it, too. But if you don’t do it, who will? And to help you find that passion for change and to develop the self-empowered spirit I have included material on motivation toward the end of the book. You can do it. I know you can!

MISTAKE #9 Believing There Are No More Options Left

Having been a chronic pain sufferer myself, I know that you have been through the mill when it comes to finding some relief, some let up, from the chronic and daily suffering that goes along with arthritis. You will recall from the end of Chapter 2 that we discussed the need for hope and the very truth that there is plenty of hope when it comes to most cases of arthritis. This notion is so important to a successful outcome of the natural arthritis program outlined in this book that I wanted to be clear. Believing there are no options left–that you have exhausted all options within the medical profession for arthritis relief–is a mistake. There are so many causes, trigger for arthritis and the symptoms associated with it. And the good news is that within the treasure chest of alternative medicine and holistic therapies are hundreds of options that can work for you. Please read this book carefully and find the ones that seem to speak to you and your arthritic condition. We are all different and require a unique approach, a different blend of the means and methods. Despite what the medical establishment tells you, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to arthritis. That is why what you have been doing there has not worked. If it had, you would not be reading this book. But you are, and hope is found within the options presented herein.

MISTAKE #8 Continuing on a Treatment Plan That’s Not Working

Keeping mistake seven in mind it is just as serious a mistake to keep doing the things that are proving unsuccessful for you. If you do give a natural remedy the time necessary to work as it should, and it falls short for you or does not seem to help you, then it is a mistake to keep doing it. On the same note, continuing along a plan of medication to mask symptoms of arthritis that is not successful in altering the condition in a positive way is a mistake; discontinue it. This book alone should provide you the knowledge that there are nearly a hundred options for overcoming arthritis. Read the entire book and consider which may be best for you, and in which combinations, then give it the best effort you can. If after three months of diligently following a protocol, you are not feeling better or headed in that direction, change course a bit and implement the other options in the book. It is a mistake to continue doing what is not working for you (IF you do it properly), it is stealing time from your life. Move on to the next one and find the mix of products and therapies and practices that, when combined, do what you need them to. Everyone one is different. After all, healing is an art not a science.

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