Are Repressed Emotions Causing Your Back Pain?

“What are you carrying emotionally?”

emotions and back pain

Repressed emotions can cause physical pain

When Mandy saw a chiropractor about the knot that had clenched her upper back muscles so tight that she couldn’t turn her head to the left, she expected to explain away her pain by sharing the weight of her purse and her children.

But to her surprise, her chiropractor wanted to know what she was carrying around emotionally.

Dr. McIntyre explained that emotions aren’t just in your mind, but they’re held inside the body at a cellular level and need to be released. By releasing emotions before the physical adjustment, she finds that patients remain pain-free longer.

Mandy didn’t have to explain her emotions out loud. Using muscle testing Dr. McIntyre asked Mandy’s body what repressed emotions she was carrying in her upper back. As she held her arm out, Mandy only had to think about what was stressing her out.

Her mind went back to work and money frustrations. Even though she had been working hard all month, the money just wasn’t coming in as needed leaving her feeling as if she wanted to explode.

Mandy could scarcely believe it when Dr. McIntyre correctly identified the exact emotion she was feeling. She called it “effort not received.”

What are emotions, anyway?

Dr. McIntyre was able to identify Mandy’s emotions by using a process related to an acupuncturist’s meridian. According to Dr. McIntyre, emotions are not fleeting feelings inside our minds; they are made up of magnetic energy that can be lodged in our bodies.

Since they are magnetic, emotions have the power to attract. Those magnetic emotions will draw you to situations or experiences that will trigger that emotion. For example, if you are prone to feeling rejected, that emotion will draw you to situations where you will be rejected. If you hold “effort not received,” you will be attracted to situations where you don’t get appreciated for your work. If you have anger in your body, you will be attracted to situations where your anger is triggered.

In order to avoid replaying the same situation over and over again and getting “stuck” in a bad cycle, it’s in the best interest of our minds, bodies and souls to clear away the emotions that continually damage us.

Core belief clearing

It feels good to release emotions. But many people sense there is something deeper going on that not only holds them back in life, but also causes the same muscles to clench… and causes the same drama to come up again and again.

According to Dr. McIntyre, our internal wiring is based on past experiences. We may be crippled by core beliefs that are based on lies, such as “I am bad,” “I am a loser,” “I am not enough,” or “I am alone.” Family experiences, religion or even government can support these beliefs, and emotions like guilt, anger and grief can give them energy. These beliefs can cause you to be stuck in your old way of living and lead you to repeat harmful patterns.

Dr. McIntyre uses a core beliefs and emotional clearing session to identify a core belief, clear it and replace it with a positive truth. During the session she writes the belief on a piece of paper and crosses it out — to symbolize how the patient is going to get rid of the belief.

Using muscle testing she asks her patient which emotions are holding the belief in place in the body.

Emotions like fear, abandonment, depression, disgust, anxiety, helplessness, hopelessness and despair continue to give life to the core belief. Since emotions are magnetic, with each emotion she passes a magnet over the patient’s spine ten times.

Using this process a person can replace the core belief, “I am terrified of failure and I think I’m a loser,” with, “I love and accept myself for who I truly am. I am at peace.”

Restore your own emotional balance

Doctors like Dr. McIntyre have been interested in how repressed emotions affect the body for years. But being able to let go of emotions from the past and live in the present moment is something that you have to learn do for yourself.

The book, The Presence Process, by Michael Brown, explains the process of freeing yourself from, or gently digesting, past emotions so they no longer have a hold on your present state of mind. The Presence Process is a guided procedure that leads you step-by-step into “present moment awareness.”

Have you ever felt physically uncomfortable when you recall a childhood memory? Everyone does.

Brown explains how our behavior, thoughts and lives are based on emotions that we had in childhood. The Presence Process is a tool that allows us to overcome the tendency to sabotage our present by being distracted by past experiences and things that we fear may happen in the future.

It’s a challenge because we have to overcome our adult reflex to suppress our emotions. But by facing our repressed emotions we can restore balance to our minds and bodies. And in the process, release physical manifestations of emotional tension.

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