A Few Back Pain Remedies and Treatments You Can Use without the Need for Surgery

The back is among the most functional body parts. The back acts as a central workforce for the rest of the body. It is also the part of the body that is most prone to pain. The most common age group of individuals looking for back pain remedies are from 45-64 years old. It is estimated that eight out of ten adults need back pain remedies some time in their lives. It happens to be the top reason for visits to the doctor. Fortunately, most back pain is a treatable condition without surgery. There are many non-surgical back pain remedies one can use.

Treat the Back Right

An effective back pain remedy is to simply treat the back right. Be sure to loosen up before any physical activity. Cold muscles can pull easily. Cool down and stretch after workouts to prevent injury. Sit erect with no pressure on the back. The chair should have good back support. Stretch every thirty minutes if sitting long periods of time. Bend with the knees when you lift something. Place feet flat on the floor when sitting. Listen to your body and if you have a sudden pain, examine it.

Heat and Cold

It has always been noted heat and cold are among the best back pain remedies. Applying a cold compress and taking a hot bath are sure to bring some relief for back pain. Some prefer to calm the muscle spasms with a cold compress first. After the spasms decrease, a heat pad is used for around twenty to thirty minutes to loosen tight muscles. Try a light massage along with the heat pad for extra relief.

Easy Stretch Routines

Perhaps the easiest form of back pain remedies are stretches. Flexibility decreases due to age or injuries. The stretches should be gentle but effective to reduce back pain and ease tension. Be sure to warm up first. One exercise to stretch the back muscles is to lie on your back and bend your knees. Slowly bring your knee to chest and press the lower back against the floor. Hold for ten seconds and repeat with the right leg. Repeat ten times on each leg.


Acupuncture is proven to be an efficient back pain remedy. Acupuncture is based on the theory of chi, or energy that passes in the body on paths called meridians. If the passage of air is interrupted, sickness and pain can result. In this procedure very fine needles are inserted to help correct the flow of chi. The technique doesn’t hurt and you may even find yourself asleep.

In most cases, the above back pain remedies should lessen the tension and pain. If the pain does not show improvement, a doctor should be consulted.

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