75% of Back Pain Caused by Bacteria



Bacteria may be behind your back pain, but antibiotics aren’t the best answer

An interesting recent study out of Denmark found that a 90-day course of antibiotics reduced or eliminated back pain in 75% of participants.

That’s promising news for chronic back pain sufferers… but there’s a problem with antibiotics. They don’t just kill off the bad flora, they also kill off the good. And an increased use of antibiotics has been associated with a 37% increase in cancer rates.

So what should you do? How about using something that helps your body fight off the bad bacteria naturally while keeping the good: systemic proteolytic enzymes. These are enzymes your body produces in abundance… until your late 20s when production falls off a cliff.

Taking a proteolytic enzyme supplement not only boosts your immune system against bad bacteria, it also cleans up excess fibrin in your bloodstream which clogs your arteries with scar tissue and leads to systemic inflammation… another major contributor to back pain.


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Albert, HB; Manniche, C; Sorensen, JS; Deleuran, BW. Antibiotic treatment in patients with low-back pain associated with Modic changes Type 1 (bone oedema): a pilot study. British Journal of Sports Medicine. 2008 Dec;42(12):969-73.

Kilkkinen, A et al.: Antibiotic use predicts an increased risk of cancer. International journal of cancer. 2008 Nov 1;123(9):2152-5.


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Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFT

Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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3 thoughts on “75% of Back Pain Caused by Bacteria”

  1. Beate Dessewffy says:

    Dear Jesse,

    First – many thanks for all the information I get through your newsletter. Re: Heal-n-Soothe: I do believe in the benefints of enzyme supplement and I ordered a bottle some time ago. BUT I had to stop taking the capsules because each time I experienced a very, very bad heartburn (I have no stomac problems in general and no allergies to whatsoever). In the beginning it was OK, but after a two weeks it went worse each time I took the pills on empty stomach. Is there any advice you can provide?
    Kind regards from Austria

  2. GARY says:

    I keep them in the freezer along with the fish oil. No more problems with heartburn.

  3. Support says:

    One thing you can do is, take the heal n soothe with any non protein food like rice, apple sauce or crackers…

    The second thing you can do is to drink more water 15 minutes after taking the capsules to ensure the enzymes are in solution and heading in the right direction.


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