3 Ways to Reduce Back Pain

Back pain usually happens because of injuries to the ligaments, tendons, and/or muscles in your lower back, typically because of overuse or trauma. It can be very debilitating, hurting whenever you move and making it difficult to sleep or relax. If you suffer from back pain, take heart, there are natural ways to reduce back pain.

Here are 3 ways to reduce back pain that we recommend:


Resting your back is always a good idea at first, since most back injuries happen because of muscle strain. It’s important to rest your back muscles to avoid further inflammation. However, in cases of mild to moderate injury, you should only rest your back for 2 or 3 days at most. Longer than that can lead to stiffness and more persistent back pain, due to weakening of your back muscles. Once you feel well enough to be mobile you need to start on your actual treatment plan.


Next to trauma, muscle imbalances are the number one cause for back pain. Corrective exercises and stretches are needed in order to regain your body’s balance. Walking, amongst other exercises, is one of the easiest ways to reduce back pain. Another exercise that is beneficial is core stabilization exercises. Strengthening your core muscles enables them to support your spine better and decreases your chances of future episodes of back pain.

Swimming is an excellent non-impact exercise that is very effective in strengthening your back muscles. Practicing gentle, restorative yoga can also be very healing with careful practice you can specifically target the tight and painful muscles in your lower back and stretch them to reduce back pain.

In general be conscious of your posture throughout the day, when you’re sitting or moving, and especially when you’re doing back exercises.

Spinal decompression:

Without doubt, spinal decompression is also an excellent way to reduce back pain. It relieves the pressure placed by the vertebrae on your discs and allows them to expand to their normal size, reabsorb lost water and properly cushion your spine again. If you have a herniated disc, spinal decompression will allow it to move away from your nerves.

And if you already have back pain, it is possible to experience sudden, almost miraculous relief with spinal decompression!

An inversion table will give you all the benefits of spinal decompression in the convenience of your own home. It puts gravity to work for you, instead of against you. As you invert, your own body weight stretches your spine, increasing the space between your vertebrae and relaxing pressure on your discs, moving them safely away from your nerves.
Learn more about spinal decompression by clicking the link below:


One Very Important Note:

Along with the 3 ways to reduce back pain above, remember to get lasting relief from back pain, you need to identify and fix the postural dysfunctions putting uneven pressure on your back muscles. Correcting these dysfunctions requires eliminating the muscle imbalances that caused them.

Remember never give up on finding a solution, as there is always something that can be done. You just have to keep researching until you find a solution that’s right for you.

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