Wishing and Hoping…

By Steve Chandler


Are you taking action or merely daydreaming?

People naively believe that wishing for things and hoping for things is a good use of their time. They think wishing and hoping is a good use of the human imagination.

But these people are just wrong.

The more I wish and hope for things, the more I reinforce the idea that I’ve got nothing to work with right now – that the reality of today is unworkable – not right – not good – not viable. This leaves me discouraged and low on the ladder – down where worry and fear drown out creativity and action.

It’s victim thinking to wish and hope. Proactive owners don’t do that. They plan and act. Which do I want to do today? Wish and hope? Or plan and act!?!

What’s the point of reinventing ourselves? Does something have to be terribly wrong with me to desire personal reinvention?

It’s funny to me that the people who seem to get the most out of my book Reinventing Yourself have been people who were fine already. They took a self that was already fine and started reinventing for the joy and growth it gave them.

Cheri Huber says the greatest courage of all is the courage to see that there is nothing wrong with you. And do your growth work from there.

Our personalities are false constructs to begin with, usually formed in childhood to fight off the terror of interacting with other people. SO…if it’s false to begin with, why not reinvent it so the you that’s doing the reinventing, the truly creative you, the “you” that is closest to your creator, can have some fun creating the life you want.

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