What do your Eyes have to do with your Back Pain?

I got this question over the weekend and I just had to share the answer with you and please everyone feel free to comment on your own experiences… Did you see the position of your own head when assessing your photos… Was you shoulder level, was you heal level, were you eyes level?

Please read here email question first…

I read your long self explanatory article/research last night.  I found it quite interesting for a lay person as the team has explained it in a very simplified way.  Having read the long article last night I agree with you about the significance of the imbalance of muscles. 


You say that there are 640 muscles in our body and each one has its impact on the spine.  I would like to ask you to explain to me how can the muscle of eye is related to imbalancing the spine.  


My reply:


One consideration of many with the function of the eyes, is that when the body is out of balance and the shoulders are off and the head is tilted and the eyes are not level, for years on end the body accommodates to the positions and because we naturally use our eyes to help balances our self’s in our everyday life we will end up relying less and less on our muscles for stability.


Not that muscle of the eye are super strong but they do accommodate and help the body keep our balance and help us do physical things like walk or run even jump.


It is almost like our eyes help in such a what that we are cheating our self into thinking that we are fine and thus do not even know that we are lose muscle strength or it may feel like we have enough muscle strength and don’t need to strengthen our muscle, that is of course until it is to late…


But now take away the stability that our eyes and then add some physical pain and now you are challenged…


What everyone should understand is that our eyes can assist our bodies through our life’s as we are physical challenged with pain or physical trauma. Helping to keep our bodies balanced and stabile but over the long term you should not rely on your eyes to keep you that way, it is highly encouraged for you to keep physically balanced and if you want to get out of pain you will need to restore the strength in your muscles and we hope that you do it a in systematic way that not only restores strength but also restores balance to all muscle groups in your body.


As a test you can try standing in place with your eyes open and then with them closed…


And you tell me if your eyes play a roll in your balance…



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