What Are The Different Causes of Pain in The Lower Back

There are a number of different causes of pain in the lower back. Which cause, or causes, you have in particular is entirely up to your list of hobbies and activities.

Arthritis is one of the biggest causes of lower back pain, and one that many people don’t always consider. Quite often people only think of arthritis being in their knee, hip or other joints-not their backs. Arthritis can easily settle into a patient’s back and cause long term discomfort and restriction of movement

Fractures may occur due to the nature of the accident leaving a weak spot, which is how arthritis first settles in. While the fracture may appear to have healed with no problems, arthritis will quite often settle into the areas that have been injured nonetheless.

Strained muscles that have been overworked are another source of lower back pain. Consider that strained muscles can occur from anything as simple as walking too fast to messing up a gym workout. Muscles that have been strained will pull your spine out of place. Depending on your build, and what muscles have been strained, your spine can curve backwards, inwards or even to the side-all of which are intensely uncomfortable..

Working on the strained muscles is something that you can do, but only under the supervision of your doctor, and a licensed therapist. You will have to create a personalized workout that will avoid overuse of the strained muscles.

Obesity is another cause of pain in the lower back that many people do not want to admit to. Being overweight puts additional strain on your lower back, pulling the muscles and vertebrae out of place moving them into positions that they are not naturally supposed to be in.

Your vertebrae, which protect the spinal column, will start to pinch the nerves inside when they are pulled out of place. When those nerves are pinched, lower back pain is created, sometimes so much so that you just don’t want to even try moving.

Finally, all of these things tie into your pelvis. Due to the fact that your spine sits on top of your pelvis, whether or not your pelvis is in the right place will make all the difference in the world. Yes, that sounds weird at first, but take a look at a skeleton for awhile-and it will suddenly make sense.

Pelvic misplacement is definitely one of the causes of pain in the lower back. And, it’s one of the most overlooked. When planning out your workout routine, the misplacement of the pelvis must be taken into consideration-or else your pain will become worse.

Make sure that you are completely informed about the causes of pain in the lower back. Ask the doctor to show you the x-ray, or whatever test was performed to determine the cause. Then work with them to get rid of it.

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