Anthraquinones – Big Word, HUGE Anti-Cancer, Pro-Digestion Benefits!

what are anthraquinonesAnthraquinones are naturally occurring compounds found in certain plants such as rhubarb, buckthorn bark and aloe; they contribute to plants’ coloring and therefore are valued in industry in the manufacture of dyes …

But these potent compounds have medicinal uses, too, and though they are most widely known as a powerful aid to digestion, that’s only one of their key benefits.

Anti-Cancer Properties Already Discovered …

Anthraquinones have promising anti-cancer properties and researchers have concluded they “could have a broad therapeutic potential.” Specifically, the most abundant anthraquinone in rhubarb, emodin, has been found to:[i]

  • Inhibit cellular proliferation
  • Induce programmed cell death (apoptosis)
  • Prevent the spread of cancer cells
  • Have anti-tumor properties

So far, the research conducted suggests that several bioactive anthraquinones possess these and other anti-cancer properties.

Fight Inflammation for Arthritis Relief, Weight Loss and More

Anthraquinones have anti-inflammatory properties that make them useful for pain relief and tissue repair, including in the treatment of arthritis.[ii] In fact, aloe vera, which contains anthraquinones, has long been recognized as a useful treatment for reducing inflammation in arthritic joints.

There is even evidence that the anthraquinone derivative emodin may suppress fat accumulation by inhibiting the formation of fat, prevent the formation and progress of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), and improve insulin sensitivity in animal studies.[iii]

Constipation Relief, Colon Cleansing and Other Digestive Benefits

Anthraquinones act on the nerves of your intestinal tract, promoting contractions of the colon while also attracting more water into your bowels, softening the stool and promoting the flushing of intestinal contents. For this reason, anthraquinones are often used as a natural laxative when dealing with constipation.

Because anthraquinones stimulate your colon’s ability to contract, while reducing the water absorbed by your intestines, they promote an ideal environment for built-up fecal matter and other toxins to pass through your digestive tract quickly and efficiently. This helps to cleanse your colon (and, in fact, substances that contain anthraquinones, like buckthorn bark, are sometimes used to cleanse the colon prior to gastrointestinal diagnostic procedures).

The stool-softening benefits of anthraquinones also make them uniquely able to relieve pain associated with hemorrhoids and anal fissures, as stool is able to pass more easily through your colon.

A Natural Source of Anthraquinones …

what are anthraquinonesIf you’re wondering where to find a natural source of anthraquinones to support your digestive health, look no further than Natural Cleanse. This 30-day colon flush and revitalization program contains buckthorn bark and rhubarb root, both of which contain anthraquinones. Plus, they’re combined with several other gentle yet effective compounds for colon health, including licorice root, cloves, ginger, psyllium husk, a proprietary probiotic blend and more.

When you take two capsules of Natural Cleanse daily after dinner for 30 days, it helps to:

  • Flush your colon of toxic build-up (including impacted fecal matter, toxins, bacteria and parasites)
  • Soothe inflammation of your GI tract lining to reduce “leaky gut” (helping to stop the transfer of toxins from your colon into your bloodstream)
  • Replenish good bacteria with a blend of essential probiotics, helping to rebalance your vital gut microflora

If you want to take advantage of the powerful benefits of anthraquinones and other herbal remedies for restoring the delicate balance of your gastrointestinal tract, try Natural Cleanse risk-free today. Use an entire bottle … and if you’re not thrilled with the overall improvements in your digestive health, you can simply return the bottles with any remaining product for a full refund of your first used bottle and all additional unopened bottles.

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