A Tribute to Mothers – Inspiring Must-See!

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Brian Vaszily is the bestselling author of  The 9 Intense Experiences and other books who has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox… and he is a proud contributing member of our own Healthy Back Institute team!

While his work has helped countless others worldwide, in this powerful video he reveals a more personal side in relation to his own mom… but as you will see, in the process he creates an inspiring Tribute to Mothers everywhere that really says it ALL about why moms deserve to be celebrated not just one day a year… but every day…

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Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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6 thoughts on “A Tribute to Mothers – Inspiring Must-See!”

  1. Daniele Hall says:

    This mother’s day video was very touching; because so true.
    It brought tears to my eyes.
    Thank you for choosing this video, to celebrate mother’ s day, because there is no greater bond,
    that “the one” between a mother and her child. I am grand mother of three beautiful children,
    and my son and I , still have that very precious bond.
    Thank you.

  2. Janet says:

    This was what every Mother wishes her children would feel. I had to laugh as though mine are all grown, I still take them sandwiches.

  3. Jeannie Bryant says:

    The essence of the video is beautiful. However, the buffering and pausing took away from the joy of reading, listening, and watching. Also sometimes the words disappeared before I was finished reading them. Even sending this email, it would pause as I am trying to type.

  4. Yolanda says:

    I grew up without a mother but being a mother, grandmother and great grandmother myself this video really touch ma heart and made me wish to have the mother that I lost as a toddler. This video has a very poetic meaning and just beautiful.

  5. kathy says:

    This video was very touching.why? because I lost my mother to liver cancer Feb. 5th 2012. But its true every day should be mothers day.Being a mother myself and a grand mother also made me realize how much I still miss her.So, you who still have a mother, never take her for granted ,Cherish those moments not just the national holiday, but every day.And I agree with the others,the video as well as the music was just beautiful.

  6. tasneem says:

    I must say She is one lucky MOM

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