Treatment for a Pinched Nerve

A pinched nerve just sounds painful. If you have been experiencing pain in your back and think you may have a pinched nerve, go get it check out by your primary health care provider as complicated conditions such as a herniated disc may be the cause of your pain.

Pinched nerves occur when too much pressure is applied to a nerve. Pressure can be applied by the surrounding tissues including muscles, tendons, bones and cartilage. The nerve function is disrupted which can cause symptoms of pain, numbness and tingling.

Pinched nerves can occur all over your body. They can be caused by herniated or bulging discs in the back and they can also be caused by conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome which can be felt in the wrists.

Pinched nerves in the back can refer to a wide variety conditions, not just herniated discs. Slipped discs, prolapsed discs, bulging discs, ruptured discs, and degenerative disc disease are also common ailments associated with pinched nerves.

The two most common causes of pinched nerves are disc herniations and muscle imbalances. Both of these are the result of postural dysfunctions in the body. They put abnormal amounts of stress and pressure on the discs which over time can cause them to herniated or rupture.

Your pinched nerve may not be caused by a herniated disc, so it’s important to understand how muscle imbalances change the positions of muscles and pull the muscles out of alignment. When this happens, the muscles can put abnormal pressure on the nerve and cause you pain.

The traditional treatment for a pinched nerve includes cortisone injections, hot packs on the injured area, electrical stimulation, non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), ultrasound and therapeutic exercises. While these treatments may offer temporary relief, they really only treat the pinched nerve symptoms. Since a physical problem caused the pinched nerve, it will take a physical response to correct it. Popping pain pills only treats the symptoms.

The most effective treatment for a pinched nerve is addressing the postural dysfunctions in the body and then correcting them. How do you correct them you may ask? By performing specific and targeted stretches and exercises to bring your body back into balance. Muscle Balance Therapy program is the only proven, self assessment program that can teach you how to identify postural dysfunctions in your body and then give you the tools to correct them.

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