The 46-Year-Old Who Got His Weight Below 200 lbs. ... For The First Time In Over 25 Years!

I made minimal changes to my diet in the first 6 weeks. I wasn't counting calories or restricting myself, just avoiding foods I knew were bad for me. And I wasn’t vigorously exercising. (L-A-Z-Y!) But I'll be darned if the weight didn’t just start falling off. (Despite my lackluster effort.) And while the results weren’t super dramatic on the scale – I was dropping PANT SIZES! Fast...!!! I quickly recognized that, I was replacing my FAT with LEAN MUSCLE, which weighs more than the fat. So the scale wasn't telling the entire story. But wow – my overall body shape was changing. I was looking slimmer and trimmer... (‘Yummy’ – as my wife told me, ha ha.) Anyway, I did a really TERRIBLE job of tracking my results in the first 2 months. (Like I said, early on, I wasn't that motivated.) But somewhere around the 8 week mark... I got EXCITED by the results I was seeing. And I made a couple of simple changes to my lifestyle – making healthier food choices, and doing Jujitsu twice per week (for 2 hours each session). So now...? I'm down to 187 lbs. A full 25 lbs. of fat – whoosh – gone! Though, I’ve probably lost even more fat than that because I’ve been gaining lean muscle the entire time. I really should have measured my percentage body fat before I started. But anyway, this new after picture of me was taken after 4 months of supplementation with ThinMist. And as you can see, I'm looking better than I have in YEARS! Plus, I think what's really interesting is how much better I feel. I'm sleeping better... I'm not getting crazy carb or sugar cravings... My energy levels are WAY up... And I'm feeling motivated to continue maintaining these simple lifestyle changes. Honestly, I can't believe how easy this weight loss has been. And I can only imagine how much BETTER ThinMist could work for someone who has more weight to lose than I did... Or, who is more motivated to eat healthy and exercise 3-4 times per week instead of just 2 times like me. At 46 years of age, this is the best I’ve ever looked and felt. I’m happy with where I'm at.   ~ Steve Hefferon
By: Steve Hefferon

Steve is the co-founder and product development specialist at The Healthy Back Institute®. From the beginning, Steve has been integral in the development and testing of new products, starting with the best-selling Lose the Back Pain® System which has helped more than 65,000 back pain sufferers in over 100 countries. A nationally recognized sports massage therapist and post-rehab specialist, Steve has helped numerous world-class athletes return to the field or track after an injury and continue to excel. Today he enjoys the challenge of helping a more diverse group of people reach their goals, whether it's to end pain, improve personal fitness or reach whatever goal is in front of them. Although the Healthy Back Institute® is now an Inc. 500 company, Steve continues to take a hands-on role in supporting our products, surprising some of our callers with his personal involvement. It's Steve's way of keeping a finger on the pulse of our clients' needs and ensuring we deliver the very best natural pain relief and health improvement products available anywhere. When he's away from the office you'll likely find Steve mountain biking, advancing his skills in Jujitsu, or digging into the history of ancient civilizations in search of ancient yet mostly forgotten knowledge. Steve's also an insatiable reader, always quick with a book recommendation (or two… or three!). Among his favorite recommendations are: Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard by Chip Heath & Dan Heath Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell Healing and Recovery by Dr. David R. Hawkins The Trick to Money Is Having Some by Stuart Wilde Virus of the Mind: The New Science of the Meme by Richard Brodie Married and proud father of one daughter, Steve still calls central Maryland home, not far from the original headquarters of the Healthy Back Institute®. Favorite Quote: "In order to do something you've never done you need to become someone you've never been." --Anonymous
By: Steve Hefferon

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