It's as Bad as "Waterboarding," and YOU are at Risk…

Did you know that one of the simplest, most reliable, most viciously mind-altering methods of torture is…

Sleep deprivation!

It’s a standard tactic used by militaries, government agencies and good and bad guys the world over. It’s in the same league as “Waterboarding.”

Even the notoriously brutal Russian KGB favored it. And the Japanese used it during WWII in their prisoner camps to extract information.

To paraphrase John Schlapobersky, consultant psychotherapist to the Medical Foundation for Victims of Torture, and a victim of sleep deprivation torture in apartheid South Africa in the 1960’s:

Sleep deprivation causes hallucinations. It’s like treating the victim with medications designed to make them psychotic. It causes people to lose their orientation in place and time. Depriving people of sleep is tampering with their equilibrium and sanity.

It’s so brutal in fact that once they’ve felt its wrath, victims will do, say, sign and swear to just about anything for a chance at uninterrupted sleep!

And here is why YOU should be very concerned…

You see, according to a new study by Hans P.A. Van Dongen, PhD, assistant professor of sleep and chronobiology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, simply missing out on the recommend eight hours of nightly sleep for two weeks can cause “sleep debt” comparable to a sleep deprivation of two full nights!

And, if you only averaged four hours sleep a night for those two weeks, your brain reacts as though you haven’t slept at all for three consecutive nights.

Harvard researchers have even found that regularly getting too little sleep boosts heart disease risk, while previous research linked consistent sleep loss with a higher risk of diabetes and obesity.

To quote Van Dongen again:

“…the most worrisome part of this is these people don’t realize how sleep-deprived they really are. When people are put through chronic sleep deprivation, there is an initial response where they say, ‘OK, this is not optimal but I’ll manage.’ But after a few days of this, things are much worse than they realize.”

Think about that for a second… Simply missing a few hours sleep on a consistent basis causes you sleep deprivation!

In fact, you become too tired to realize just how tired you actually are!

That means that you, like many other people, are most likely suffering from sleep deprivation… without even realizing it.

Worse yet, this warped sleep pattern is actually replacing your body’s natural sleep cycle – further eroding your mental and physical well-being.

And while it’s true that a major cause of sleep deprivation is chronic pain – the pain you may have in your back right now (or may have had)… because your sleep cycle has been hijacked, merely eliminating the pain WON’T fix the problem!

Thankfully there IS a quick and easy, all natural way to break the harmful pattern of sleep deprivation in your life and “reprogram” your body’s natural sleep cycle…

You’ll rediscover the rested, invigorated life you lived before pain ripped your nights apart and sent your sleep cycle into a tailspin…

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Reclaim your body’s natural sleep cycle and escape the torture of sleep deprivation NOW!

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Now, you need to know that this ISN’T some sleep drug that “takes over” your body and forces you to sleep — but does nothing to help your cycle, with possible harmful side effects.

Instead, the ingredients in this all natural sleep aid work with your body to safely get your sleep cycle back on track.

In fact, each of the 7 ingredients has been used for thousands of years and is proven to be safe and effective.

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Many people even report significant improvement the first day!

So, escape the torture of sleep deprivation… reclaim a healthy sleep cycle… do it safely, quickly, and naturally…

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