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It is hard for many to deal with, but many things we do in daily life can aggravate our spines and cause back pain. As a result, many people suffer from sciatica. Understanding sciatica remedies is important for anyone that is suffering from sciatic pain, because getting rid of chronic back pain can be difficult.

Trying to get relief from sciatic pain is one of the things that we at Healthy back can help you with. There are a number of different ways to try to achieve some level of comfort.

One of the best ways to relieve back pain due to sciatica is to stretch your muscles—especially those around the hips and the spine. Putting your spine back into alignment can be done more easily when all of your body is in balance. If your hips and pelvis don’t line up correctly, well, the rest of you won’t either.

Stretching out your back can be done more easily with some of our available tools. For example, using the Healthy Back Inversion Table will allow you to not only have some fun, but to stretch those muscles out fully and align your spine. By using the concept of reverse gravity, the inversion table allows your spine to both rest and to stretch out. There is no need for concern, blood flow reverses while you are rotated and you control the amount of rotation so your heart doesn’t work quite so hard.

While your body stretches out and the muscles start to loosen, your body will begin to slowly realign itself. This technique does not provide immediate realignment; your body will start to work towards the healing process when the inversion table is used consistently.

There are other sciatica remedies available as well.

Some patients are simply not interested in hanging upside down, but they can still turn to Healthy Back for answers. Check out the Lynx Portable Back Stretcher by Teeter for a more down-to-earth stretching answer. Simply lie down on the ground and put your feet into the ankle supports. Using the specially designed handles, give your body the stretch it’s been looking for to get rid of that sciatic nerve pain.

Healthy back offers another option for patients who are not interested in or unable to completely lie on a table. Take a look at the Health Mark Pro Inversion Chair. For those patients who need to feel more secure by knowing that they are more solidly attached to a surface and would rather be seated, this chair will help you accomplish the same thing that the inversion tables achieve. Again, the best results come with consistent use.

Whether you choose to go with an inversion table, chair or use a back stretcher, relieving your back pain is paramount. With so many different options, it may seem difficult to find the right answer, but rest assured that with all of the sciatica remedies on the market, you will surely find the best one for you. Visit Healthy back, peruse our selections, and start living a more pain-free life.

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