Sciatica Leg Pain

There is nothing like the horrible feeling of sciatica leg pain—when you get that almost searing feeling of pain shooting down as the sciatic nerve begins to go nuts. Why not just scream out loud? Some women say they would rather go through child birth again.

Sciatic pain is brought about by compression of the sciatic nerve down into the outside of your leg, hip, and/or back. The nerves are compressed, (or severely pinched), by disks that have slipped or ruptured.

Assisting you in your quest to relieve the painful compression of that sciatic nerve is what we here at Healthy Back are all about. You will be relieved to find that a number of products we carry will help you—and be comforting in the process.

For those of you who simply want to sit down and relax, you already know that even though the pain is in your leg, this can be difficult achieve. Try the Health Mark Pro Inversion Chair. While you’re still able to sit, you can take advantage of inversion therapy to rotate your body and work at lengthening your spine. Lengthening is the key here as the disks of your spine are currently compressed. By using inversion therapy, you can release some of the space between the vertebrae, thereby easing the stress on your sciatic nerve. In this chair, you can lay back and stretch comfortably.

Other solutions at Healthy Back are available for you, but sciatica leg pain is not an easy thing to solve. Stretching some muscles on your own will help if done correctly and on a regular basis, but you may need extra help to stretch correctly or you might not see relief.

Take into consideration another option to help you get rid of your sciatica leg pain id the Lynx Portable Back Stretcher by Teeter. It is a great stretching tool to help release your sore muscles. Simply follow the directions on the DVD provided, and learn how to use the stretcher to loosen the muscles in your legs and back. Once the muscles are loosened, it is often much easier to graduate to other tools (available at Healthy Back) that will become even more effective in your pain management regimen. Results will depend on each individual person. By using the stretcher, many people find that putting their spine back into place through exercise relieves their pain. Best of all, users control the stretcher as far as how much or how little traction is involved in its use.

Another option for you to consider is the Teeter Hangups EP-950 Inversion Table. Made to provide comfort while doing inversion therapy, the EP-950 is definitely worth using for all the benefits you can reap from this technique.

Coming to Healthy Back is a good step in the right direction to finding what you need to put your spine into alignment, and to managing your sciatica leg pain. Our selection introduces you to options to pick from that you might not have thought of before, such as inversion tables and chairs. Take some time to understand what your options are in managing your sciatica leg pain. Learn about them and try them out. You’ll be happy you did!

For more information, visit Healthy Back Institute.

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