Sciatic Nerve Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is often the most joyful time in a women’s life. Waiting for your child to be born fills you with hopes and dreams of who your little one may be. Unfortunately, pregnancy brings with it a number of painful ‘side effects’ that many pregnant women struggle with throughout their pregnancy. One of the most difficult to deal with is Sciatic Nerve pain in pregnancy.

The Sciatic Nerve is the largest nerve in the human body. It runs from your lower back, under and past your uterus and down into your legs. Because of its position, the pressure of a growing baby can often pinch the Sciatic Nerve and lead to moderate to very severe pain. While some women experience light pain from a pinched Sciatic Nerve, others experience symptoms that are so painful it is difficult to walk.

Medical experts agree that the ideal solution for Sciatic Nerve pain during pregnancy is physical therapy, massage or chiropractic assistance. Unfortunately, many insurance companies do not cover these sorts of treatments. Because of the enormous expense, many women are simply not able to cover the cost out of pocket. If your insurance company will cover one of these therapies or if you can afford one yourself, they may very remove the pain your have been suffering.

If the above options are not viable for you, it is important to discuss your pain with your doctor. It is unlikely that any OB/GYN will prescribe painkillers for Sciatic Nerve pain because of the potential harm to the fetus. Instead, they are likely to recommend you take precautionary measures to ease the pain.

  • – When resting or sleeping, try to lie on the side opposite to the pain
  • – Do not stand upright for extended periods of time if possible
  • – Leave the heavy lifting to others. The strain of lifting heavy objects isn’t good for your pain level or your baby.
  • – If possible swim or use pregnancy yoga or stretching exercises to relieve the pain. Just be careful not to overdo it.

Never be afraid to discuss your Sciatic Nerve pain with your doctor. They likely have other suggestions for your particular case. Be sure to inform your doctor of any exercising you do as well as any new or unusual symptoms.

Unfortunately, today it often isn’t possible for women experiencing painful pregnancies to stay home and rest. That being said, rest and relaxation is important for you and your growing baby. Healthy eating, proper rest and sufficient exercise can all contribute to a happy and healthy pregnancy.

It is unlikely that medical science will develop a safe and risk free method of curing Sciatic Nerve pain during pregnancy. It is likely to remain an issue that pregnant women will simply have to deal with. Keep yourself happy and healthy and actively engage in preventative measures to make your pregnancy as pain free as possible. The good news is, once you hold your new baby, you are likely to forget the pain of pregnancy.

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