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If you suffer from Sacroiliac joint problems, a doctor may recommend a Sacroiliac belt to help with pain and mobility problems. Sacroiliac joint pain can come from a number of sources, from falls and accidents, to pregnancy, arthritis diseases and genetic malformation of the bones. Sacroiliac belts apply pressure to the back and stabilize the Sacroiliac joint, preventing movement in the joint until the ligaments that support the joint can heal.

The Sacroiliac joint is comprised of three bones – the triangular-shaped sacrum and the left and right ilium, which sit at the base of the spine and in the pelvis, respectively – that are held together by strong ligaments. The joint attaches the spine to the pelvis and when healthy, does not move much. However, if an accident stretches the ligaments that connect the bones, it can permit painful movement in the joint. In the event of a condition that affects the cartilage on the bone ends, movement in the joint can cause pain.

This pain, felt in the lower back, can also travel down into the legs, causing a prickly, painful sensation. The pain can also radiate into the pelvis or groin area. Damage to the Sacroiliac joint can cause pain when moving, especially when rising from a seated position. The pain can become more active when a person is seated for a long period of time but the pain can also make walking and basic movement difficult. The Sacroiliac joint supports all of the upper body, so when problems develop in this joint, sitting, driving, walking, and even sleeping can be painful.

There are several treatments for Sacroiliac joint pain, among them options that range from Ibuprofen to physical therapy. Sacroiliac belts can be used with a variety of treatment options, and can make day-to-day activities easier accomplished as the joint heals. There are many different brands and makers of these sorts of belts, many of which can be viewed online.

Sacroiliac joint belts are often worn low across the pelvis and come in a variety of colors and shapes, as well as being constructed in an assortment of fabrics. Many popular designs will be constructed of an outer layer that is made of synthetic fibers, with the side that is against the skin made of a more comfortable natural fiber. However, some belts are made of a polymer that is slightly tacky to the touch to discourage slipping when it is against the skin.

Adult are also capable of developing spondylolisthesis, especially those who are older because of the fact that stress fractures can be caused as a result of wear and tear experienced by the bones in the back. Spondylolisthesis is actually also capable of occurring without the presence of stress fractures in situations where the disc and the joints are worn down and allowed to move freely and eventually slip out of place.

The methods by which Sacroiliac belts offer support to the Sacroiliac joint also vary. Some are elastic-like, and are fastened to the body using hooks and eyes or snaps, relying on the stretch of the Velcro to provide stability to the lower back. Some have bands across them that can be cinched in to provide a variable amount of pressure to the Sacroiliac joint. Some attach using a d-ring with a Velcro lining that holds the belt in place as you cinch it to the desired level of support. A discussion with a doctor or chiropractor can help you decide which belt is best, and online searches show a variety of images of belts to choose from.

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