Ruptured Disk

A ruptured disk is quire painful to bear, and the medical community has not yet come up with a definite solution for it—much less a standardized name for it.

Ruptured discs are the same as: slipped discs, herniated discs, or bulging discs. What they all refer to is that a portion or a vertebra along the spinal column has somehow been lodged out of its usual place. Since there are nerves located all along the spinal column, the condition is painful.

A ruptured disc can even cause shooting pains to radiate down the leg. It can make sitting or standing difficult, and even sleeping can become very uncomfortable. If a few discs are ruptured in an injury, the pain can be unbearable. Many times the only option for a patient suffering from severe pain because of a ruptured disc is cortisone injections, physical therapy, or a combination thereof.

The most common reason is due to trauma, such as a fall, or because of muscle imbalance. Actually, a fall itself can be the result of muscle imbalance. After years of misuse, bad posture and inactivity, the paraspinal muscle group in our back s that are responsible for holding up our upper bodies and supporting all our movements get out of whack.

This means that we are no longer able to balance ourselves as well as we used to, or ambulate as well as we used to. This is why falls occur among the elderly population so frequently. This is also why invasive surgical procedures are not a great option for treating a ruptured disc. Many elderly people cannot recover well from an operation. In addition, taking pressure off the nerve that is causing the pain and stabilizing the joint is not treating the cause of the condition, only the symptoms. The root cause is muscle imbalance. Pain can recur in a different form—or in the form of another ruptured disc—if adequate action is not taken to repair muscle imbalance.

This makes it even more important to try holistic remedies and alternative treatments for a ruptured disc. Regular back exercises, though counterintuitive, can fix deficiencies in the back muscle group supporting your body’s movement, strengthen weak muscles and bring equilibrium back to your stride.

At LosetheBackPain, we offer various treatments for the muscle imbalance that causes ruptured discs in the form of diagnostic information, advice, exercise regimens and homeopathic products such as natural anti-inflammatory creams and capsules, and mattresses for back pain.

If you are suffering from a ruptured disc but are elderly or otherwise unable to do exercise because of weak joints, we have a couple solutions for you. You can try Aquatic Therapy or Inversion Therapy, depending on your condition.

Aquatic therapy will enable you to build strength to address muscle imbalance without any jerking movements impacting on your joints. This is perfect option for the elderly or for people with decreased mobility due to illness and weight.

Inversion therapy is not for people with high blood pressure, but if this does not apply to you, looking into this effective way of releasing the compression on your spine will be time well spent. Inversion therapy stretches out the spine completely, relieves built up pressure on it caused by sitting all the time, and restores blood flow between the spinal joints.

If you currently suffer from the pain of a ruptured disc, contact LosetheBackPain today.

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