Blind Man Restores Eyesight … After Head-Butt by Horse!

by Greg Marsh

An eighty-two-year-old man recovered sight in his right eye after that eye had been blind for 64 years…

His secret? A Head butt from a pedigreed race horse named “My Buddy Chimo”!

It happened at the Monticello Raceway race track in New York.

Don Karkos had lost sight in his right eye when he was hit by shrapnel in combat six decades earlier.

Karkos said he sought help from various doctors to regain use of his eye but “they’ve always told me nothing can be done.”

He told the New York Daily News the racehorse hit him in exactly the same spot as the shrapnel had struck his forehead. A few hours after the head butt he started regaining his vision.

Karkos said, “I was putting a collar around his chest, and he whacked me real hard with his head. Being kicked is part of the job, but I’ve never been hit that hard. I was pretty shaken up, kind of dazed. Then, later that night, I started to get the vision back in my right eye. It was unbelievable.

He now works as a security guard, and said his vision is still not perfect but he can now see about 15 feet with his previously blind eye.

He said he was grateful for the head butt and added, “I’m on very good terms with that horse now, and he gets special care from me.”

Dr. Douglas Lozzaro, head of ophthalmology at Long Island College Hospital, said the blow could have knocked a dislocated lens back into place.

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About Author Greg Marsh

Greg Marsh has spent the last 30 years learning, exploring and teaching Natural Vision Improvement. After his own initial success improving nearsightedness, he has followed every path he could to learn more about Dr. Bates’ approach and any other tools that could help recover clear eyesight. He has helped thousands of people improve their vision through individual coaching, workshops, and his CD programs.

Greg’s unique mix of training helps him get across essential points to a wide audience. His degree is in engineering. From there he gained experience in technical writing, studied and taught martial arts, and learned various alternative health approaches including meditation, massage, hypnotherapy, EFT, and EMDR. His teaching approach is rich with stories, analogies, and explorations to help you rediscover natural ease in your vision. Greg Marsh also trains and certifies others to be Natural Vision Improvement Coaches.

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2 thoughts on “Blind Man Restores Eyesight … After Head-Butt by Horse!”

  1. saqib says:

    what is the diff between the Bateman’s and Martin Sussman’s approach/proceedure???

  2. Greg Marsh says:

    I think you mean Dr. Bates’ approach. Most important, both approaches start with the premise that eyesight can be improved naturally. Most eye doctors don’t believe it is possible to improve vision, just as most oncologists don’t believe cancer can be healed naturally. They are sincere, but their rigid beliefs may be blinding them to possibilities.

    The Sussman approach puts particular attention “eye exercises” that can help improve vision, based largely on the practice of Behavioral Optometry. Dr. Bates found that any sort of effort or strain in the vision — mental, emotional or physical — works against seeing clearly. His approach is more directed to awareness of strain all through the neck, shoulders, back, and chest, so that a person can let go of this “strained world view” and thereby let the visual world come in clearly.

    In our western society, where the ethic of forcing things to work is so strong, it seems backwards at first to think we can see better by relaxing the vision rather than forcing it. But that is Dr. Bates’ approach. It involves relaxation, imagination, and restoring faith in the eyes so that they can see clearly. As you can probably guess, improving your eyesight in this way will also reduce your stress level and make your days more flowing and efficient.

    Most people who learn of the Bates Method, and even most who teach it, get drawn into the drawn into the paradigm of trying to force the eyes to see more clearly. Our program (at the above link) presents the Bates Method in ways that reward you with immediate teases of clarity as you relax your eyes, your mind, and your whole being. It will help you to cultivate relaxation, stretch your imagination, and regain faith in your eyes’ natural ability to see clearly.

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