Pinched Nerve in the Neck

A pinched nerve is the non-technical term for a ‘compressed nerve’ used by both doctors and patients alike. This is generally when the nerves in your spinal column become pressured by the bones and cartilage which is designed to protect your nerves from damage.

There are many people out there who suffer from a pinched nerve in the neck but do not realize it. People often suffer from arm, hand, and leg pains, without knowing that the true source of the pain originates from the neck.


A Pinched Nerve in the neck can often result in similar symptoms to nerves pinched in other parts of the body. Since the brain cannot tell if a nerve is trapped in the neck, spine or appendage. While in the spine a nerve will often become trapped as it leaves the spinal column, a pinched nerve in the neck is caused by displaced vertebra or compression of the nerves that exit from the cervical spine (The cervical spine is the technical name for your neck)

The symptoms of a pinched nerve in the neck vary from numbness in the limbs, to pain in the limbs. Sometimes a pinched nerve in the neck can cause a strange tingling, or even weakness in the upper appendages. All of these symptoms can be worrying; fortunately there are plenty of available treatments to help you deal with both the pinched nerve in the neck, and the symptoms it causes.

To remove the symptoms of pinched nerves in the neck the most reliable solution is to remove pressure in the affected area. This is not always easy, and treatment can often vary depending on the location of the pinched nerve.

The most effective solution to a pinched neck nerve, or a trapped nerve in other parts of the body, is often a chiropractic adjustment. Once the source of the pressed nerve is identified, a qualified chiropractor can adjust the bones to release the pressure from your affected nerves. A chiropractor will also often suggest a regular exercise routine, which will help keep all the limbs flexible and smooth.

If a chiropractor cannot help, there are plenty of other solutions, the most prominent of which are acupuncture and cold laser treatment. Both of these techniques can help relieve inflammation of irritated nerve roots, which are often the cause of pinched nerves in the neck.

In extreme circumstances it may be necessary to have surgery on a trapped nerve. This is fortunately a fairly safe surgery, and in any case rarely needs to be performed. If all other treatments fail to work for a pinched nerve in the neck, surgery may be necessary.

While pinched nerves in the neck may be painful, uncomfortable, or just inconvenient, they are fortunately curable. The simpler pinched nerve problems can often be relieved instantly, and even if surgery is required, it is usually an instant cure, with instant relief. The surgery is comparatively safe, however there are still risks attached, which make the non-invasive options much more preferable.

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